Arrow right See also: Old Highway 1 for the former highway between Hurbanova and Newhaven.
Highway 1
Highway 1 new
Basic data
Length 32.55 mi (52.3 km)
Route Blue Sea Shore (SY) - Sylvanian Tip (SY)
Direction north-south
Exits 6
AB-AS 1 Blue Sea Shore (SY)
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 4 new Highway 4
AB-AS 2 Nicholasville, Train Village (SY)
AB-AS 3 Noble City International Airport (SY)
AB-AS 4 Transcity, Noble City (SY)
AB-AS 5 Long Road, Noble City (SY)
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 2 new Highway 2
AB-AS 6 Sylvanian Tip (SY)

Highway 1 is a Lovian north-south highway connecting the Blue Sea shore north of Train Village with Noble City. The highway is sometimes referred to as the New Highway 1 to avoid confusion with the former Old Highway 1, which was dismantled after a re-organization of the highway system by Minister Andy McCandless in 2010.

When the 2010 Highway Plan was introduced and accepted by Congress, only the portion between Noble City and Train Village of the Old Highway 1 kept its name. According to the plan, the connections Train Village-Blue Sea and Noble City-Sylvanian Tip would be constructed between October 2010 and January 2011. However, due to good circumstances, the construction works were started September 10th, earlier than originally projected. The construction works were eventually finished by December 2010.

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From north to south:

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