Horace Bush Identity
Horace bush
Name Horace Bush
Full name Horace Jackson Bush
Sex Male Male
Born May 17, 1982, United States San Francisco
Spouse Liliane Demoines
Home Seal of Little Frisco Little Frisco
Functions Soap actor
Languages English, Spanish
Roman Catholic

Horace Jackson Bush (San Francisco, May 17, 1982) is a Lovian soap actor and former child actor. He lives in Little Frisco, a neighborhood of Noble City. He is well known for his role as Little John in the soap opera Mother!.

Horace went to the San Francisco drama school when he was only eleven. Horace became more and more famous in San Francisco. He received offers for guest appearance in several Californian soaps.

When he was 13, he moved to Lovia. He recently met a girlfriend and married her August 17, 2006, in a private atmosphere. She is not involved in his media career and doesn't show up at social television events.

Cinematography Edit

Year Production Type of production
1994-now Mother! Lovian soap opera
1996-1998 House Stories Lovian soap opera

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