The Hague Hotel in Lovia under construction

Hotel under construction

Hotel The Hague is a Lovian hotel under construction that will open soon. It's situated in Mandarin Village, a Noble City neighborhood.

Location Edit

The four star-hotel, located on Princess Avenue, Mandarin Village, Noble City overlooks bustling Eppinck Square and was due to open March 15, 2008. Extreme weather conditions during February and March have made it impossible to continue building. On top of that, a heavy storm blew away the nearly finished roof. Then, the hotel sceduled to open end of September 2008 but the global financial crisis caused another delay.

Momentarily, potential investors are being searched for.

The initimate designer hotel will feature:

  • 6 single rooms
  • 6 double rooms
  • 1 suite with a large roof terrace.

As building progresses, images and further information will be released to the press.

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