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Crats / Short news

  • Earthquake strikes
    3-13-10: Saenteim - A major earthquake of 6.5 on the Richter scale has hit the Bergsstein province in Mäöres today. ->
  • Hurbanovans want LCP Minister's demission
    3-02-10: Emerald Highlands - LCP Minister August Magnus Donia had been arrested for the third time by the Federal Police. The imago of the government has been damaged, however it stays unclear what will follow. -->
  • Donia's in financial trouble
    2-28-10: Emerald Highlands - The Red Baron of Donia, officially known as August Magnus Donia, has made a fortune by tax avoidance and tax evasion, but because of too big expenses he and his family are now nearing bankruptcy according reliable sources. -->
  • A new trial
    12-23-09: Hurbanova - For the second time a huge trial is being brought alive. Hurbanova Novine has been interviewing some locals to give their opinion. -->

  • Is the king getting married?
    11-21-09: Noble City - Several people now claim that they have the possible day on which King Dimitri I and Mary Elisabeth Nelson are going to marry. -->
  • Plans for second Hurbanovan church
    11-15-09: Hurbanova - The Romanian minority of Hurbanova asks permission for the construction of an Eastern Christian Church. -->
  • King Dimitri I has returned
    11-9-09: Noble City - Dimitri Noble has returned to save the country from the anarchy. He will be recrowned tonight. ->
  • Hurbanova's biggest fear: the sea
    8-5-08: Hurbanova - Tests have shown that Hurbanova's coast is very fragile to the sea. ->
  • Hurbanova Monastery
    8-5-08: Hurbanova - Remainings of the monastery have been dug up. Mayor Ben Opať would like to rebuild it. ->
  • Archeologists come to Hurbanova
    7-29-08: Hurbanova - A massive number of archeologists have come to Hurbanova. ->
  • Rain kills Hurbanova
    6-20-08: Hurbanova - The rain continues to fall and has already cost thousands of dollars. ->
  • State Elections
    6-19-08: Oceana - It looks like Ben Opať is going to win the elections and will become the new governor. ->
  • FC Hurbanova
    6-19-08: Hurbanova - A new football (soccer) club has been established in Hurbanova. ->
  • Road blocks
    6-17-08: Hurbanova - On the 18th of June Danish Avenue, the Wallstreet and the Trh and parts of the Mayores Road and the Old Wharf will be blocked to put a new road surface on them. Please try to ignore these roads. Works will dure until the 20th of June. ->
  • Cadastral Map May
    5-17-08: Hurbanova - The cadastre of May 2008 is created by Oos Wes Ilava. Maybe other towns will follow soon, but that's still not for sure. ->
  • Slinkni Branan
    5-17-08: Hurbanova - Today, former mayor of Hurbanova Oos Wes Ilava suggested to renovate the Slinkni Branan. More information will soon follow. He will talk to the mayor, Ben Opať.
    By: OWTB
    Source: [1]
  • New neighborhood
    5-17-08: Hurbanova - Many Lovians cooporated. The new neighborhood will be a mixture. It will be agragrian, residential, administrative and commercial. Many people suggested names for the new neighborhood. Most popular are Castle Grave and Drake Town.
    By: OWTB
    Source: [2]
  • Hurbanova Novine makes a brand new start!
    4-20-08: Lovia - The Hurbanova Novine starts again with a new owner. Everybody can help now, so if you've got very important news for Hurbanova which everybody must know, just help! You can always add your information here. We've now also got an advertising part. If your company is in need of advertising just tell us!
    By: Ben (talk)

Potshasey / Weather

  • Bikini?
    6-26-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 33°c and it will be very sunny. So, nice weather to go to that plase! The Oceana Beach is open 24-7, so visit!
    Source: HSF
  • Floodings are over
    6-19-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 31°c and it will be very sunny. So, nice weather to go to that plase! The Oceana Beach is open 24-7, so visit!
    Source: HSF
  • Weather report 20th of June
    6-20-08: Yesterday the max. temperature was 18°c and it was again raining very hard. Almost complete Downtown Hurbanova was flooded. Some buildings are severely damaged.
    Source: HSF
  • Still heavy rainfall
    6-19-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 19°c and it is going to rain. The floodings of the Millstreet and the Old Wharf will worsen. Everybody is recommended to stay at home and not leave your house.
    Source: HSF
  • Weather report 19th of June
    6-20-08: Yesterday the max. temperature was 17°c and it was again raining very hard. The first grass lands were flooded and the Millstreet dikes broke. Also the Old Wharf was flooded, but it was just a few centimetres.
    Source: HSF
  • Heavy rainfall
    6-19-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 20°c and it is going to rain. The water level in the streams will rise again and there are warnings for floodings of the Millstreet and the Old Wharf. The developement of the Millstreet Project will need to wait, because of the danger for floodings.
    Source: HSF
  • Weather report 18th of June
    6-19-08: Yesterday the max. temperature was 21°c and it was again raining very hard. The water level in the streams has already risen over 80 centimetres, almost a flooding. The severe thunderstorm which was heading this way hit Hurbanova and left an estimated damage of almost $5000. Though many people got a lightning conductor, the lightning struck a few houses, but fortunately, no fire broke out.
    Source: HSF
Lightning Hurbanova

Thunderstorm Hurbanova

  • Thunderstorm
    6-18-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 20°c and it is going to rain. The water level in the streams will rise again. A severe thunderstorm is heading this way, so make sure you've got a lightning conductor. Please take this in mind.
    Source: HSF
  • Weather report 17th of June
    6-18-08: Yesterday the max. temperature was 16°c and it was raining very hard. The expected floods near the coast did not occur, though the water in the streams rose over 50 centimetres. Severe blasts of wind damaged a few things.
    Source: HSF
  • Rain and maybe flooding
    6-17-08: Today the max. temperature is going to be 17°c and it is going to rain. It might be some floodings near the coast and streams will occur. Please take this in mind.
    Source: HSF

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Buchen sprave / Expanded news

Earthquake strikes


Earthquake damage in Bergsstein.

Saenteim - 13th of March 2010 - An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale has hit the eastern part of Mäöres. From the little information that is currently known we know that Óppeberg, the capital of the province of Bergsstein, has been directly on the epicenter.

According to the Mäöreser Embassy, there is hardly any contact with the area at the moment and aid is coming up very slowly. Mäöres was hit very hard by the economic crisis and a civil war recently and has hardly got itself out of those problems when the earthquake stroke.

The last time an earthquake hit the country and left damage was in 1947. This earthquake is the biggest one ever recorded in the country. Injuries and death are not yet known.

Hurbanovans want LCP Minister's demission

Emerald Highlands - 2nd of March 2010 - It is not the first time that Communist leader August Magnus Donia appears in the media. Yesterday was arrested for the third time in row since Christmas 2009, but he had already been released before the end of the night.

Only a month later, the government's image has already been damaged. Questions arise about the case. May Donia remain Minister of Tourism and Leisure with his criminal record of the last two months? If not another Congressman should take over his function, what is probably not going to happen. Most favorable for the post of Minister would be a PD member, as there is no other Communist politician in the current Congress.

Hurbanovans however, are clear about the issue. Most of them would certainly like to see Donia step down. Not because he has a criminal record, just like Oos Wes Ilava, icon of LOWIA and Mayor of Hurbanova, but because of the differences of thoughts between the communists and Hurbanovans. Hurbanova, the home of LOWIA, considers itself a rightist island in a leftist nation. AL

Donia's in financial trouble

Emerald Highlands - 28th of February 2010 - Last week a mysterious letter arrived at the redaction of Hurbanova Novine. The letter was accompanied by numerous bank statements and letters of the Lovian tax administration. August Magnus Donia, who calls himself the Baron of Donia and is called "the Red Baron" by the public because of his communistic influences, has often stated that his family has enough money to survive the next years without having to work for it.

The mysterious letter makes clear that indeed they didn't have to work much for their money the last two decades. The baron has made a fortune in the early nineties using trics like tax avoidance, tax evasion and construction fraud. This way he could build himself a beautiful castle in a protected natural environment.

However, since 2006 the finances of the family have been steadily worsening. While the estate of the family was still worth $50 million in 1999, it had decreased to a small $15 million in 2008. The most recent bank statement enclosed with the letter is of January 2010 and reveals that the family has a depth of over $12 million.

Probably because of too big expenses and controversial acts recently, he has lost a lot of financial supporters. It's clear that his family is nearing bankruptcy and that he might have to move out of his castle, ofcourse unless he avoids the taxes again.

A new trial

Hurbanova - 23th of December 2009 - Pierlot McCrooke recently accused August Magnus Donia, better known as the Baron of Donia, wherever Donia may be, for vandalism and violation of personal integrity. This new trial brings back the memories of the Hurbanovan Uprise of March 2008 and the Alexandru Latin Trial of April that same year. The ideals of an independent Oceana Republic may have vanished since then; locals are still frightened for trials. Hurbanova Novine decided to break a taboo and interview some local residents.

First we visited That Varen, a well-known local Oceana pub which is hardly visited by people aged below 50 and where Oceana is the lingua franca. Michael Strúba (aged 71) shares his opinion on trials in general: Those be swea that same, efsen rouven af bited de thie epassen rocks. A nef no beleef that thattey rouven will bite o'wish rozdile; a doven na harven o'roufly institushen efsins that latest rouven. (translation: They are all the same; every single trial I've been to the passed years. I don't believe that this trial will be of any difference; I no longer trust any country or judicial institution ever since the last trial).

Near Supermarket Doshmat we interviewed a young lady, Mary Johnson (21), and asked for her opinion: I'm not interested in politics or any other related things. From the little information I know I can tell that it all seems to be an overreaction of mister McCrooke. It can't be compared to the Alexandru Latin Trial, because that one was a more serious one and one which was of importance for the national structure of Lovia.

We also decided to interview Gregior Ský, one of the leaders of the rebels of the Hurbanovan Uprise: That gave mo rozdiles betwixt thie dwah rouvens. Aun: daws mo peepel echmurren in that Hurbanova Rouven. Adwah: that Hurbanova Uprise bicay un neyshen-hlán nash an iaws epoveshaven un neyshenel chrose, kem thattey rouven, kue ow reespekt, is just un lil rouven, nadate de bite skairt from. As aws that porader o'McCrooke, a willeth frage hem de latsh hine thattey boy an let that Sapreem Luene fo shol jiddens. (There are several differences between the two trials. At first: there were more people involved in the Hurbanova Trial. Secondly: the Hurbanovan Uprise become a nation wide problem and it was considered to be a national thread, while this trial is just a small one, nothing to be afraid for. If I was mister McCrooke's advisor, I would ask him to give up this battle and leave the Supreme Court for real ones).

It's clear that the opinions of the Hurbanovan residents are very varying, but the past still hunts through the little village even though the weapons have long been put away and independence movements are a thing of the past.

Is the king getting married?

Noble City - 21th of November 2009 - The rumours are spreading like a big fire. Everywhere you go the daily discussion is: "Is this king going to marry?" Though sometimes one would hear a very different discussion like: "On which day is the king going to marry? December 6 or so?" It's quite obvious that the king and Mary Elisabeth have some things in common and that they like eachother, but is it true love or is it just a good friendship? We of Hurbanova Novine decided to take a better look at it.

The first problem that other media did not succeed in to bring forth, is that the king has had a secret, unverified, though rather obvious, affair with a girl named Sigma. Still a year ago you could still hear him shout "Heil Sigma!" through the streets. What has happened with this strange girl? Does she still live in Lovia? Has she even ever lived here? We decided to take a look in the Noble City community archives and we did find someone with the name "Sigma". Is this the girl we have all heard of? For privacy reasons we will not place the surname in this newspaper, but we did go to her house in Noble City. We found out that Sigma is a nice-looking, young and overall fresh girl, with whom the king certainly would look beautifully on state ceremonies. Sigma told us about her relationship with Dimitri: "Oh, it was nothing special. We were just friends from our years at college and when I started to work at the king's library we saw eachother very often. Eventually, we did have some feelings, but I told Dimitri that it wouldn't work between us. He surely was somewhat disappointed, but he also understood it and we stayed friends." When we asked her about Mary Elisabeth, her answers became a lot shorter in length: "I don't know her." and "I think Dimitri knows what he's doing".

The second problem is that other papers fail to explain why Dimitri is going to marry. Of course, in a free country like Lovia, one marries when one falls in love, but, as the love between our two media-consumers has not yet been verified, why should Dimitri marry now? We have phoned several organisations that plan weddings and we've found out that one in specific, a wedding planner from Newhaven, did somehow confirm our speculations of the marriage. The leader of the organisation told us: "Yes, Dimitri is getting married to someone, but I can't tell ye to whom. Nor can I tell ye when." Another wedding-planner, one from Sofasi, already knew the exact date of the marriage: December 5. Any reason why Dimitri is going to marry? Yes, first of all, the line of succession in Lovia is very short, there is need for some children. Secondly, the royal family would need some attention to remain in the center of daily Lovian life.

If we think rationally, the only right conclusion we can take is that Dimitri is not going to marry soon. He's simply too young to marry and his relation with Mary Elisabeth Nelson is in reality still in a developing, early stage. They still haven't even confirmed that they really have love left for eachother. Of course, we of Hurbanova Novine will keep an eye eair fo' ye and will inform you of any major developments in this affair.

Plans for another church

Hurbanova - 15th of November 2009 - The Romanian minority of Hurbanova has written a letter to the Hurbanovan Mayor Oos Wes Ilava. They want to know if they are permitted to build a second church in Hurbanova, next to the Catholic church, an Orthodox church. This would be Lovia's second church. However, it's rather unclear if the Mayor is going to give permission. Besides, King Dimitri I, who had heard the news, has already suggested to let his church to be built in Lovia's capital, Noble City. Like in Hurbanova, there is a significant Romanian minority in Little Europe, Noble City. Local chairman Alexandru Latin doubts if there is enough space in Little Europe. Alexandru Latin, also member of this minority, has already plans for new restaurants and hotels in Little Europe. He didn't reject the plan, because he still is interested in such a church. "But I don't see how to accomplish the construction of the church in this part of the city", let he know.

Mary and Dimitri spotted together

Noble City - 14th of November 2009 - The stories about a possible Lovian Queen keep showing up. La Quotidienne announced this afternoon to have spotted Mary Elisabeth Nelson and King Dimitri I together in the Royal Gardens. Even a picture appeared of the two having fun in the Garden. She would have declared to a journalist of La Quotidienne "to have a special connection with the King" and that she didn't know whether "Dimi" thinks this would be the right moment to make it public. However La Quotidienne has already made the imagination of a new Lovian Queen, some people actually doubt if it would really happen that way. For example we have The Noble City Times, that wrote the following: "Will she actually become our new queen, or are we rushing things over? Time will tell". And that's how it is.

The King's friend

Noble City - 12th of November 2009 - King Dimitri I and his "friend" Mary Elisabeth Nelson have been spotted together, while they were having dinner in Restaurant Phoenix. Others say to have seen them together in Newhaven and even in the Palace's Garden, but if we have to believe the King, the story would just be a fairy tale: "[...] Who told you something was going on? You know, I [...] am befriended to Mary Elly, nothing more, nothing less."

King Dimitri I has returned

Noble City - 9th of November 2009 - Dimitri Noble, formerly known as King Dimitri I, has returned to Lovia after taking a break for a few months. This is a reason to restart or newspaper after a one year break. Dimitri will be recrowned tonight. Unlike two years ago, people of Oceana seem to except the king now and there will be a party tonight in the Hurbanova Central Park; everyone is invited.

Hurbanova's biggest fear: the sea

Hurbanova - 5th of August 2008 - Tests have shown that Hurbanova's coast is very fragile to the sea. At least 75% of the dunes near Hurbanova are at the point of collapsing or are too low. In order to keep the forests near Hurbanova dry at least 50% of these dunes should be repaired. Downtown Hurbanova is currently not protected from the sea and will therefor get some higher boulevards.

Hurbanova Monastery

Hurbanova - 5th of August 2008 - Archeologists have dug up the remainings of the old monastery adjecent to the Hurbanova Town Hall. Though the monastery has sunken over 5 metres it's still in a very good shape. Mayor Ben Opať would like to renovate it and make a new tourist attraction of it, if the monastery could be enheighted to the current street level of Hurbanova.

Archeologists come to Hurbanova

Hurbanova - 29th of July 2008 - A massive number of archeologists have come to Hurbanova and they are not coming for the Oceana Wall or to see the new museum of Millstreet. Though there was a map of Hurbanova and Scotland, the exact location of it was not known. The map was very out of proportions. Until now, most people thought only one little wall of the castle remained, but now we know this little part of a wall does not belong to Scotland, but to a little shed just east of Hurbanova. An amateur archeologist has found a few bricks in the middle of the woods and has done some excavations. He found the real town of Scotland and revealed something hidden for almost 100 years. He has found the real castle of McLeid. The castle was never finished but it's size is huge! Many local archeologists and archeologists from all over the world have come to the site to excavate even more of the castle and possibly even the old town of Scotland. Currently, there are no pictures available, but an archeologist has told us that he has already made some pictures and he will soon publish them.

Oos Wes Ilava presents plans

Hurbanova - 21th of June 2008 - Oos Wes Ilava has presented his plans for the Millstreet project to mayor Ben Opať. After a little conversation a few days ago both men agreed, Hurbanova should become a popular tourist destination again. Today, Oos Wes sent a top secret document containing all information about the Mill street project, somethings are known already. We know that Oos Wes proposes to canalize the Hurbanova Stream and that he wants to build a fresh water plant which can also be useful during floodings. One thing is for sure, Hurbanova will never be the same if the plans are accepted by the mayor.

Rain is killing Hurbanova

Hurbanova damage of the flood

Damage caused by the rain

Hurbanova - 20th of June 2008 - The rain continues to fall and has already cost thousands of dollars. The Millstreet, Old Wharf and Vlackstreet are flooded, also the Hurbanova Town Hall is flooded. Very strong dikes have been built near the Oceana Wall to protect it from damage.

State Elections

Oceana - 19th of June 2008 - It looks like Ben Opať is going to win the elections and will become the new governor. He is only one vote away from being the state governor. He will follow Oos Wes Ilava, who quit the job a few days before he was imprisoned. Ben Opať already behaved like he was the governor, as he worked on the state law. If you are a citizen living in Hurbanova, Drake Town or other parts of Oceana and you would like to support Ben Opať in his race of becoming Oceana's next governor, please vote here.

FC Hurbanova

Hurbanova - 19th of June 2008 - A new football (soccer) club has been established in Hurbanova. The name of the club is FC Hurbanova. The club is going to play in the Hurbadome, near the mill. Many famous Hurbanovans, like Barry Berehovce, play in the first class. If you want to become a member of the club you can go to the talk page of the club. The king has shown his support to the club. He said to Jamal Hustróva: Your club looks good. He also brought to the day that George Matthews is planning to start a soccer competition and maybe FC Hurbanova can join when it is founded.

Road blocks

Hurbanova - 17th of June 2008 - On the 18th of June Danish Avenue, the Wallstreet and the Trh and parts of the Mayores Road and the Old Wharf will be blocked to put a new road surface on them. Many inhabitants of Hurbanova were already complaining about the bad road surface of the streets in town. All roads in downtown Hurbanova will be replaced in three sections. The old layer of the roads won't be taken away. New asfalt will be put on top of the old layers. As the workers want to perform their best, please try to ignore these roads. You won't be able to drive over them as the asfalt needs to dry first. We thank you for your coorporation and your understanding. It's estamated that works will dure until the 20th or 21th of June.

Cadastral Map June

Hurbanova - 12th of June 2008 - The cadastre of June 2008 is created by Cartolovia. They will try to update the map each month, when there are changes. Other towns, like Train Village and Sofasi will soon have there own map too. New on this map are the canalising of the stream north of Hurbanova, Drake Town and the new Shkola Hurbanovni. The cadastral map is a free map which can be found here.

Cadastral Map May

Hurbanova - 17th of May 2008 - The cadastre of May 2008 is created by Oos Wes Ilava. He will try to update the map each month. Maybe other towns will follow soon, but that's still not for sure. This map contains Hurbanova and all forests in the neighborhood. Also the stream north of Hurbanova can be seen on this map. The cadastral map is a free map which can be found here.

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