1. Huckle Goes to Paris/The Mystery of the Cold Planet
  2. The Stinky Pants Mystery/The Painted Clarinet Mystery
  3. The Plucked Rooster Mystery/The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone Mystery
  4. The Polar Bear Mystery/Bob the Plant
  5. Planet Hunt/The Rainbow Mystery
  6. The ''Good Night'' Mystery/The Penguin Mystery
  7. Frosty the Snowman/The French King Mystery
  8. The Flamingo Mystery/The Mystery's Dora the Explorer Episode: Boots' Special Day
  9. The Lost Letter N Mystery/Journey to the Purple Planet
  10. The Bii Bii Bii of the Mystery/The Baby Planet Mystery
  11. The Lost Toes Mystery/The ''Our Names! Nooooooooo!'' Mystery
  12. The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie/The Plant Mystery
  13. The Flying Letter T Mystery/The Mystery of the Thing That Went and Came Back
  14. The Mystery of the Missing Hat/The ''Why is the Sky Blue?'' Mystery
  15. The ''Ten Doesn't Start with the Letter T!'' Mystery/The Mystery of the Mysterious Tooth
  16. The Mystery of Lowly's Chocolate Cake/The Mystery of the Lost ABC Animals
  17. The Hidden Alligator Mystery/The ''I Can't Wait'' Mystery
  18. The Manta Ray Mystery/The Salt Statue Mystery
  19. The Overdue Library Book Mystery/The Mysterious Money Snatcher Mystery
  20. The Missing Picnic Mystery/The Talent Show
  21. The Mysterious Sweater Mystery/The ''Help! Help! Help!'' Mystery
  22. The Grapes of Plath Mystery/A Midsummer's Daydream Mystery
  23. The Still as Statues Mystery/The Brick-Eating Ivy Mystery
  24. Huckle's Bath Mystery/The Disappearing Teacher Mystery
  25. The Mystery of the Lost Actor/The Secret Mystery Prize
  26. The Circus Mystery/The Treasure Hunt Mystery
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