Seal of Industrial Park

Flag of Industrial Park

Name Industrial Park
Hexacode IP / SY-NC-IP
Population 723
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
(Peace Island)
Next to Seal of Long Road Long Road, Seal of the Old Harbor Old Harbor

Industrial Park is a Lovian neighborhood and the southernmost Noble City neighborhood, located south of the Old Harbor. The neighborhood is open to all energy and environment friendly industries, and is known to be the headquarter of Founders Inc and most of it subsidiaries. Industrial Park is more of a business section in Noble City, and has the lowest population numbers of any neighborhood in Noble City. It has a strong connection to the Beaver River which runs and mouths into the Pacific Ocean a few miles south of the neigborhood.

Seal and flag Edit

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The Industrial Park seal consists of two green borders and a white one in between. The field is steel blue and is divided by a small area of a world map focused on North America, Europe, and northern Asia. Above the world map the name is located, and beneath the text Noble City, Sylvania stands.

The neighborhood's flag depicts the Beaver River as a diagonal line between the green industries, represented by a green half, and between the outside world open for trade, represented by a white half.

Neighborhood map Edit

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The House Publishers
Dawn Avenue 2
Mendeleev Street 1
*1 Balancing Point Publishers
Dawn Avenue 6
Blomberger Chocolates
Dawn Avenue 8
Goodread Publishings
Al-Biruni Street 1
*2 Autogo logo (Lovia) Telecell
Al-Biruni Street 2
*3 Noble City Harbour
Harbour Street 2
Noble City Bay
Pacific Ocean
Young Publishing Offices
Dawn Avenue 4
Dawn Avenue 10
Young Television and Radio Offices
Dawn Avenue 12
Creativity Avenue
Founders Inc
Dawn Avenue 1
Tardia R&D
Dawn Avenue 3
local office
High in the Sky Forecasting
Dawn Avenue 5
Lovian Energy Company
Dawn Avenue 7
Dufour Building
Elephant Entertainment
Dawn Avenue 9
Young Communications Headquarters
Dawn Avenue 11
Yard Inc.
Mendeleev Street 3
Jolene's Cookies
Mendeleev Street 4
Federal Property
Al-Biruni Street 3
Embankment Federal Penitentiary
Al-Biruni Street 4
The Noble City Times
Mendeleev Street 5
under construction
Founders Inc
Mendeleev Street 6
Federal Property
Al-Biruni Street 5


  • *1 - Mendeleev Street
  • *2 - Al-Biruni Street
  • *2 - Harbour Street

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