Interland Logistics
Name Interland Logistics
Type Travel
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Owner(s) J. Oswald McCloud
Headquarters Newhaven, Kings

Interland Logistics of Newhaven is a closely held Lovian business founded in its present form in 2010 by its Chief Director-Executive, J. Oswald McCloud, a young entrepreneur and college graduate from the United States who frequently visited Lovia as a child, and ultimately moved here with his sister and two neighborhood friends they'd made during involvement in a reality-television project some years back. IL's main emphasis is on transportation, while dabbling in other sidelines largely related to hobbies they've enjoyed since their youth.

Ferry service Edit

While involved in a major errand, it occurred to McCloud how badly Lovia needed more predictable and dependable service on some interisland ferry routes. In short order, he was able to acquire a multi-vehicle ferryboat with an onboard cafe in excellent condition on very favorable terms from one of the local financial institutions. McCloud had no trouble at all finding paying passengers and interested crewmembers for the vessel, and soon leased another ferry on surplus from the Washington Ferry System.

Current fleet Edit

  • LF Queen Anne
  • LF Queen Amelia
  • LF Queen Lucy

Common specifications Edit

IL's double-ended ferries are 65 meters long, 19 meters wide, and can each carry up to 60 standard size automobiles and 500 humans. They are fully accessible, offer free wi-fi, have a snack shop with beverages and baked goods, and can make 15 knots.

Service Edit

It is our goal, which we quite often meet, that no one in our service area will ever have to wait more than two hours to board the next available ferry while operating conditions are within parameters. We have invested in alternate landing stations on many islands, so that if the primary station is unavailable due to high surf, you will still reach your destination island. If you buy a ticket at one of our machines or on your computer between 2200 and 0600 and don't specify a sailing time, you may get a phone call from one of our vessels asking if you are ready to leave at that time!

Safety Edit

Interland Logistics has never lost a passenger who followed posted safety rules.

Recreation support Edit

One of Iil's executives became a cement contractor due to the needs of the landing facility upgrades, and with McCloud's encouragement got involved with crafting skateboard environments for public parks. McCloud himself and one of his friends can often be found working at subsidiary Newhaven Surf & Scuba, where he keeps his primary personal office. Newhaven Surf & Scub offer scuba diving instruction and equipment, alongside surfboards, boogie boards, kayaks, roller hockey gear, a full line of skateboarding stuff, and other neat things.

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