Name Isle of Frisco
Nobivinen Oster
Language(s) English, Oceana
State Oceana
Archipelago City Archipelago
Highest point That Rugge (43 m)
Isle of Frisco - Douglas Iris

Isle of Frisco

The Isle of Frisco (Oceana: Nobivinen Oster, IPA: /'nobiʋinɛn 'ostɛʁ/) is small and uninhabited, much like the Isle of London. The island is part of the state of Oceana.

The highest point on the Isle of Frisco is That Rugge, which is 43 meters high.

Much of the island is covered by the Frisco Seashore National Park, which was set up in 2011.

As a consequence of the 1903 Oceana earthquake, the island, which was once covered in forests, is nowadays treeless, except for a few planted trees and low growing shrubs. Most of the island is covered with grasses, except for the higher parts, which are more rocky, and are covered with mosses.

History Edit

In 2008, Lars Washington had a large wind turbine erected at the base of That Rugge. While the turbine was not built to serve any purpose, it showcased ecologically-friendly alternatives a part of an technology demonstration. In October of 2011, during the Lovian Civil War, Oslobodenia captured the plant, utilizing it as Oslobodenia 'Oshenna's primary electrical energy source. After the war, the plant was not payed much attention, and continued to route all of its power to the ghost town, which was now more of a tourist destination.

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