J. Oswald McCloud Identity
Name J. Oswald McCloud
Full name Joseph Oswald McCloud
Sex Male Male
Born 1990-06-21, Honolulu
Home Novosevensk / Newhaven
Functions Entrepreneur, Extreme Athlete
Languages English, Spanish

J. Oswald McCloud is the principal director of Interland Logistics is a young college graduate, investor, and entrepreneur from the United States who frequently visited Lovia as a child and ultimately settled here. McCloud was born in Hawaii and raised in California. He was told when very young that his bloodline was distantly related to the Arnmod brothers.

Residence Edit

McCloud lives mostly at his home in Novosevensk and keeps a condo in Newhaven which he uses when the presence of his person is required there. When not traveling by ferry, he sometimes commutes aboard his yacht, a twin-four converted trawler named Danielle.

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