The quarry near East Hills, Oceana

Quarrying in East Hills

Quarrying natural stone for the fabrication of dimension stone

The Jamal Hustróva Quarry is a Lovian stone quarry in East Hills, Hurbanova. The Jamal Hustróva Quarry is a owned by Jamal Hustróva. Hustróva inherited the company from his ancestors. East Hills was originally chosen as the location of the quarry because of the available rock underground. The hamlet East Hills has more or less been built around the quarries.

History Edit

The Jamal Hustróva Quarry was built when Jamal Hustróva I arrived in Lovia March 6th, 1935. Jamal Hustróva I wanted to have a quarry to "supply stone for all the countries in the world." Jamal Hustróva II became the quarry's manager in 1961. Jamal Hustróva III then took over the family business in 1982. His son, Jamal Hustróva IV became the executive leader in 2008.

Laborers Edit

The quarry is one of the top employers in Oceana. Most laborers live in East Hills, Clave Rock, Train Village, Hurbanova, or (occasionally) Noble City. The quarry constantly looks for more laborers to employ.

Safety Edit

For safety reasons, all people on the quarry territory must wear helmet and other safety materials. Since the quarry has introduced massive machine use, the laborers' safety has increased.

International Edit

The company is also present in other countries.

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