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A judge is an official who presides over a court. The powers, functions, method of appointment, discipline, and training of judges vary widely across different jurisdictions. In Lovia, there is one type of judge, the Supreme Court Judge, described in the Constitution.

Supreme Court Judges[]

The Supreme Court Judge (or Federal Judge) presides over the Supreme Court. Since the abolition of State Courts a good knowledge of all three laws is required, but the Supreme Court Judge's knowledge of the Constitution and Federal Law needs to be near perfect. The character of Judges is important as well and it is often considered vital that candidates are able to be impartial to any and all cases that come before them.

The Court currently has three vacant seats, expected to be filled soon.

Name Nom. By Congress. Vote Date of Appt. Age at Appt. Length of Serv. Prior Occup.
Vacant - - - - - -
Vacant - - - - - -
Vacant - - - - - -

State Judges[]

In Lovia there used to be two kinds of official judges. The State Judges presided over lawsuits in a State Court. The State Courts were abolished in the 2010 State Reform.


In Lovia, a judge is addressed as Your Honor or Judge when presiding over the court. The judges of the Supreme Court of Lovia, are called Justices, Judges of the Peace or Supreme Court Judges.


When a position on the Court becomes vacant or a Judge announces their resignation the Prime Minister must nominates a candidate to Congress within the next 30 days. After this the candidate requires the support of twenty-five Congresspersons before the nomination can be put to a vote. When the nomination is voted upon it requires a simple majority for the nominee to become a Supreme Court Judge.

Judges can die in office, resign from their position or can also be dismissed with a special majority.

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