Justin Abrahams Identity
Justin Abrahams
Name Justin Abrahams
Sex Male Male
Born 1992, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova, Pink House, Kinley, Ferguson Beach Village
Functions Governor of Seven, MOTC
Languages English, French, Spanish, some Oceana

Justin Abrahams (born 1992, Hurbanova) is a young Lovian politician is the Governor of Seven and an MOTC. He was the 26th and 28th governor of Clymene, former Deputy Governor of Oceana and Prime Minister. He was born in Hurbanova. A member of the Ramsley Family, he is the son of Margaret Ramsley and Louis Abrahams.

He was the Deputy Governor of Kings in 2010 and Governor of Clymene from 2011 to 2013. After a year as Deputy Governor in Oceana, he returned to the governorship in Clymene in 2014, which he hinted would be his last, as he would seek to help improve another state as he had done for Clymene. Abrahams was elected as Governor of Seven in 2015. He Abrahams was a longtime member of Walden.

Abrahams is descended from founding father George Eisenhower.

Justin Abrahams

Father: Louis Abrahams Paternal Grandfather: Jan Tomovic Paternal Great-grandfather: Ivan Tomovic
Paternal Great-grandmother: Aleksandra Zoric
Paternal Grandmother:

Astrid Abrahams

Paternal Great-grandfather: Fredrik Abrahamsen
Paternal Great-grandmother: Ingrid Bergman

Margaret Ramsley

Maternal Grandfather:

Daniel A. Ramsley

Maternal Great-grandfather:

Albert Arthur Ramsley

Maternal Great-grandmother:

Isabel Deserre

Maternal Grandmother:

Louisa Chase

Maternal Great-grandfather: Henry Chase
Maternal Great-grandmother: Martha Wilson

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