King Lucas I Identity
King Lucas I
Name King Lucas I
Full name Lucas Joseph Noble I, King of Lovia
Sex Male Male
Born February 28, 1917, Noble City
Deceased November 3, 1985, Kings Island
Spouse Queen Elisabeth of Lovia
Home Noble City
Functions King of Lovia
Languages English, French and Dutch
Ruling Monarch
Reign 1953-1956
Predecessor Queen Lucy I of Lovia
Successor King Arthur III of Lovia

King Lucas I of Lovia, in full Lucas Joseph Noble I, King of Lovia (Noble City, 1917 - Kings Island, 1985) was the fourth ruling monarch of Lovia. He succeeded his mother Queen Lucy.

Reign Edit

King Lucas only reigned for four years, after abdicating in 1956 due to the civil unrest caused by the national famines. He spent his later years on Kings Island, away from public attention.

Lucas Noble was married to Queen Elisabeth since 1939. She was admired by her subjects for her grace and class. The couple remained childless; after a number of unfortunate miscarriages. They remained loyal to each other and Lucas decided not to remarry in order to produce an heir, against his mother's wishes. He loved his wife deeply and these feelings were mutual.

King Lucas was succeeded by his brother, Arthur, known as King Arthur III of Lovia, who would reign for another fifty years. King Lucas and the 1956 famine are the subject of a Heritage Studios movie currently in pre-production, The Unfortunate Famine.

Death Edit

In later years, Lucas and his wife lived a relatively quiet life outside the public eye. The ex-monarch remained on good ground with his younger brothers and their children, although Lucas did make public appearances at several royal and non-royal occasions, the last being the funeral of a former co-worker. After being deposed Lucas dropped his title and became a civilian, making a living as a professor. The old man rarely gave interviews and when he did, he told the interviewers how much he liked the civilian life and would choose it everyday over being a monarch. "It is a hard burden to bear, the leadership of a nation," he told the press, "and Lord knows the people are terribly ungrateful".

Ancestry Edit

Lucas I's ancestors in three generations
King Lucas I,
HRH King of Lovia
King Joseph
HRH King of Lovia
Paternal Grandfather:
Prince Philippe
Count of Flanders
Paternal Great-grandfather:
King Leopold I
King of the Belgians
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Louise-Marie
Queen of the Belgians
Paternal Grandmother:
Princess Marie
Princess of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Prince Karl III Anton
Prince of Hohenzollern
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Princess Josephine
Princess of Baden
Queen Lucy I
HRH Queen of Lovia
Maternal Grandfather:
King Arthur II
HRH King of Lovia
Maternal Great-grandfather:
King Arthur I
HRH King of Lovia
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Anne
HRH Queen of Lovia
Maternal Grandmother:
Queen Amelia
HRH Queen of Lovia
Maternal Great-grandfather:
George Francis Hoover
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Lucinda Bernstein Hoover
  • Note: Lavender colored boxes: Ruling Monarch of Lovia
  • Note: Cornsilk colored boxes: civilian

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