Kings State Council
51st Kings State Council
Type Unicameral
Houses State Council
Governor Neil Hardy (CCPL)
Speaker of the Council tbd (CCPL)
Members 20 State Councillors
Political Groupings Government Parties

Opposition Parties

Last Elections to the State Council 30th January 2015

The Kings State Council is a legislature which the highest legislative authority in Kings. The council is unicameral, and meets at the Kings State Capitol in Newhaven. Current debates and votes can be found at Forum:Kings State Council.


Up until 2003, when centralization took place on a large scale, Kings was ruled by a State Council and a Governor according to the state constitution, written by Lawrence Sagan in 1906. The first elections to the State Council took place aside the State Elections, 1907, and took place every two years after that, at the same time as the State Elections.

The abolishment of state legislatures in 2003 was accepted, though with some demur, up until October 2011, when the Seven State Council was created by the Governor of Seven, Semyon Breyev. Sylvania soon followed this model, creating the Sylvania State Council two weeks later. A week after that, Oceana created an advisory board, the Oceana Advisory State Board using a slightly different model from the Sylvania and Seven. Kings became the fourth state to create a state council near the end of November.

Unlike the system in Seven and Sylvania, Governor William Krosby did not pledge to always respect the decision of the state council. He stated that the council would "be an advisory board, aimed to assist me and the deputy governor and help develop Kings further." However, like in Seven and Sylvania, all members would be elected by the citizens, instead of some members being appointed, as in Oceana.

After the 2013 State elections, new Governor Marcel Cebara changed the state legislation surrounding the Council. Under the new legislation, the State Council was the highest legislative authority in the state, rather than an advisory board. The new legislation meant that governors could no longer veto amendments to the State Law, but could still veto amendments to the State Constitution.

Current compositionEdit


Composition of the Kings State Council as of November 2013

Arrow right For a complete list of current State Councillors, see: Kings State Councillor Order

Elections to the current State Council were held between the 11th and 18th November 2013.

2013 November electionEdit

Shortly after amending the Kings State Law to accommodate the changes to the Council, Cebara called for new elections. These elections took place in November 2013. The elections were very close, with the Green Party winning the highest percentage of the popular vote, whilst United Left won the most seats.

List Owner Party Votes Seats Won
Nicholas Sheraldin GP 9,828 (36.48%) 6
Marcel Cebara UL 9,456 (35.10%) 10
Jhon Lewis CCPL 7,643 (28.37%) 4

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