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Kinley Town Hall

Kinley Town Hall

Seal of Kinley

The seal of Kinley, representing the town government

The Kinley Town Hall is a Lovian town hall in Kinley, Seven. It is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the country. The Seven Court House is located across the street. Louis Sullivan[1], the architect of the building designed a lot of the Chicago skyscrapers, designed and built the monument in 1925.

Architecture Edit

The Kinley Town Hall was designed by the well-known American architect, Louis Sullivan, in the 1920s. The works processed well and by the end of 1925 the monumental town hall was finished.

The building features some remarkable artefacts surprinsingly incorporated by the architect. The renaissance tiles covering the ground floor of the building have been recovered from a 15th century Italian palace in Florence. The office of the mayor Patrick McKinley features a mantle piece from Andrea Palladio, the famous italian architect who designed the Villa Almerico-Capra.

Town government Edit

Currently the mayor of Kinley is Patrick McKinley.

List of Kinley Mayors Edit

Begin term End term Mayor Origin Life time Comments
1903 1908 William G. Wilson, Sr. American 1851-1928 Founded the town McKinleyville
1908 1913 William G. Wilson, Jr. American 1870-1960 Son of William G. Wilson, Sr.
1913 1916 Theodore Smith American 1871-1921
1916 1921 R.L.V. Beauregard American 1842-1923
1921 1928 William G. Wilson, Jr. American 1870-1960 Second term
1928 1933 Eleanore Van de Velde Dutch-Lovian 1889-1972 First female Mayor of McKinleyville
1933 1935 Dereck Johanson Lovian 1890-1935 Murdered in a meeting with the King
1935 1935 George W. O'Neill Lovian 1888-1935 Murderer of Dereck Johanson, murdered in office
1935 1945 Steven Lovian Lovian 1896-1986
1945 1953 Kirsten Blacksmith American-Lovian 1901-1953 First Mayor to be born in the 20th Century, died from a heart attack
1953 1958 Joseph Freight Lovian 1915-1969
1958 1959 none During one year, there was no Mayor of McKinleyville
1959 1969 Paul T. Smith Lovian 1920-2000 Grandson of former Mayor Theodore Smith
1969 1970 Gregory J.H. Mertens Belgian-American 1923-1986
1970 1981 Paul T. Smith Lovian 1920-2000 Second term, longest term ever
1981 1991 Joseph McKinley Lovian 1955-now Changed the town's name to Kinley
1991 1997 Hendrick Fernandez Lovian 1948-now
1997 2007 Jacob Brown J. Miller Lovian 1959-2008
2007 mar 2008 Patrick McKinley Lovian 1992-now Left office for personal reasons
mar 2008 jul 2008 none During three months there was no mayor of Kinley
jul 2008 now Patrick McKinley Lovian 1992-now Re-chosen after returning, Second term

References and notes Edit

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