La Stragata is a modern fine dining bistro in Bayside, Noble City. It is owned by celebrity chef Jean-Jacques Telemann. A variety of publications have labeled this the finest restaurant in all of Lovia, but it has yet to win the Five Star guide's 5 stars.

History Edit

Jean-Jacques Telemann had been working as chef, first in Le Baccarat and later at the Olympia Hotel. After a few years working at those places, he decided to start one of his own. The restaurant was started in 1999. Since then, it has become a popular site for people to come and enjoy exquisite meals at reasonable prices.

La Stragata is the highest-rated Lovian restaurant by Monde Culinaire, coming in at number four.

Menu/ La Carte Edit


  • Soup du jour-8
  • Soupe a l'oignon/cream of onion-10
  • Bouillabaise Marseillaise/Marseille bouillabaise-12
  • Ragoût d'haricot de mouton-15
  • Macaroni aux truffes noires et foie gras de canard/macaroni, black truffles, duck foie gras-30


  • Filet de bœuf, farcies aux asperges, «sauce Victorienne»/ Beef filet, asparagus and sauce Victorienne-60
  • Poitrine de canard et sauce Demi-glace/Duck breast and sauce Demi-glace-70


  • Médaillons de pétoncles, sauce Hollandaise/Scallop medallions and Hollandaise sauce-40
  • Filet de sole stragata avec «sauce Stragata»/Sole filet and sauce Stragata-55
  • Filet de Saint Pierre/St-Pierre filet-47
  • Homard bleu au beurre/Blue lobster-52

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Reviews Edit

This is the epitome of fine dining; excellent food, great wine and reasonable prices. If you only go to one restaurant in your whole life, go to this one. Truly an excellent culinary and gastronomic experience, close to 5 stars. 4 stars-Cinq Etoiles

Awards Edit

Red-dot Red Dot Award: 2008

Red-dot Red Dot Award: 2009

Red-dot Red Dot Award: 2010

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