Congress, based in the Capitol, is Lovia's most important legislative body. It is entitled to write and amend the Federal Law and the Constitution.

Lovia's highest law, the Constitution

Law is a system of rules usually enforced through a set of institutions. Laws can shape or reflect politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people. As of 2007, there are two national books of law in Lovia and five State Laws.

Laws in Lovia[]


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The Constitution is the highest law in Lovia. It concerns every person in the country and sets rules about federal organization, institutions, elections, citizen rights, the monarchy etc. A change of the Constitution is called an Amendment. The Constitution can only be amended by the Congress by means of a special majority (67%+). There have been numerous amendments to the Constitution.

Federal Law[]

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The Federal Law is the organic law for the entire nation. Subjects such as (inter)national transportation, foreign affairs, healthcare, education, culture, language, sports, agriculture, fishery, industry, finance, economy and justice are discribed in this law. The Federal Law can be amended by the Congress using a normal majority (50%+).

State Law[]

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The State Law only concerns the inhabitants of a certain state. State Laws describe these subjects: state Routes, local airports and harbors, town and cities, traffic rules, nature, environment and the State Court. The Governor is the only person who can amend the State Law. Therefore, it is rather undemocratic and it allows whimsical abuse of power. The 2010 Congress has expressed the wish to reform state legislation and move its competencies to the federal legislation, so as to make it democratic.

Local laws[]

The mayor of a city or town and the chairperson of a neighborhood or hamlet can create minor laws and rules. These are usually about housing, streets, parks, sporting facilities, shops and stores, etc. The use of local and sublocal legislation is marginal in Lovia and is likely to be abolished in 2010.

List of laws[]

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