Mellon Wetlands

Mellon Wetlands

Libertan Island is one of the seven islands of the Central Nation Archipelago and a part of the state of Seven. It has no permanent inhabitants, but has a temporary population of approximately twenty scientists and park rangers. The island is named after Libertas, a nation situated in the Northern Atlantic.

Mellon Wetlands Edit

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Libertan Island is famous for its beautiful wetlands, called the Mellon Wetlands, which make up the Mellon Wetlands National Park. They exist because of the low, flat profile of the island, owing to the processes of erosion.

2008 scientific expedition Edit

In late 2008, funded by the King, 5 scientists conducted a detailed examination of the Mellon Wetlands. The scientists found out that 70% of the wetland is inhabited by a rare species of red Angelfish that is not native to the lands. Some of them are now on display in aquariums around the world. The scientists also found high levels of zinc and vitamin D in the water which explained the life growth of the weeds and trees in the wetlands. The scientists found out the average life span of the plants were:

  • Trees - 189 years
  • Weeds - 78 years
  • Plants (such as Roses or flowers with leaves) - 39 years

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