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The Royal Standard

The line of succession to the Lovian throne is a list of the people in line to succeed to the throne of the Kingdom of Lovia and become the future ruling monarchs. The succession is regulated by the Constitution.[1] At present, Princess Alice of Lovia is the heiress to King Sebastian's throne.

Illegitimate children are not included in the Line of Succession, sich as those of King Arthur III (Philip and George Bradly-Lashawn) and Princess Lucy-Anne (Charles van Draak).

Legal framework Edit

  1. The ruling monarch is the person who legally inherited the throne from the previous ruling monarch. He or she is thus a descendant of the first Lovian monarch, King Arthur I of Lovia (Arthur Noble).
    1. The ruling monarch can be either male (the King) or female (the Queen).
  2. The method of the line of succession to the Lovian throne is absolute cognatic primogeniture. Therefore, the person who legally inherits the Lovian throne, after the previous ruling monarch has either deceased or abdicated, is the person who is the eldest child of the previous monarch. If the monarch had no children, the throne goes to the next oldest sibling, followed by younger siblings and cousins.
    1. All descendants of Arthur I of Lovia are part of the line of succession, regardless of any activity, except for those that have requested that they be removed (note: this has been ignored in the case of illegitimate descendants).

Line of succession to the throne Edit

For the succession of HRH King Sebastian I of Lovia the following order of priority applies:

Member of the royal family Year of birth Relation to ruling monarch
1. HRH Princess Alice of Lovia 2011 daughter
2. HRH Prince Arthur of Lovia 2014 son
3. HRH Princess Elisabeth of Lovia 1990 sister
4. HRH Prince Joseph of Lovia 1994 brother
5. HRH Princess Lucy-Anne of Lovia 1947 aunt
6. HRH Princess Helena of Lovia 1969 cousin
7. Josephine Mortensen 1991 cousin
8. Albert Mortensen 1994 cousin

References and notes Edit

  1. Source: Constitution, Article 1 B.

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