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The following is the list of the Mayors of Hurbanova. The last mayor was Oos Wes Ilava. Because there have never lived many people in Hurbanova, many famous people became mayor. For example the famous writer Jonas Hladovka Sr.; Paškolit' Úskalie, the man who discovered the Oceana Reef; and of course John Ladowkah (Šon Hladovka), he was older than 100 years when he became mayor. Many mayors are family of eachother.

Mayors have been abolished since 2010, but in Hurbanova the name "mayor" lives on as the name of the guy who stands up for the town's rights and who visit all important events. The current ceremonial mayor is Oos Wes Ilava

Official mayors Edit

Year Name Lifetime Comments
1881-1881 William Springhorse 1834-1881 Treated the people like slaves. Was killed by them.
1881-1882 George Springhorse 1857-1886 His father was killed by the people, he was poisened.
1882-1883 Kelový ?-1945 The first Slovak mayor.
1883-1886 Rashkoliť Shadenki 1812-1909 Had to deal with the 1884 fire.
1886-1893 Chelvas Malkoný 1857-1935
1893-1897 Carl Californian 1865-1915 Was a mineworker untill he became mayor.
1897-1899 Hökse Kladevnlý 1885-1964 The youngest mayor of Hurbanova ever.
1899-1900 Shlavný Malkoný 1867-1900 Died of a heavy fever.
1900-1908 Marc Hladovka 1880-1959 Made the Narasha 'Oshenna an official town language.
1908-1912 Dalndklný Úskalie 1886-1942
1912-1914 Maria Güngelberg 1985-1914 First woman to become mayor. Comitted suicide in 1914.
1914-1916 Kčaliť Āmšižar 1886-1965
1916-1918 Žasar Hrbiť 1891-1957
1918-1924 Čef Hladinký 1892-1943 Moved to France in 1924. Was killed in World War II in 1943.
1924-1930 Hlan Kladevnlý 1893-1953
1930-1938 Jonas Hladovka Sr. 1907-2005 Was a writer. He wrote several famous books.
1938-1940 Llanyu Gateigih 1919-1968 His origin is unknown.
1940-1944 Hlan Úskalie 1903-1968 Pažkoliť Úskalie's uncle.
1944-1945 George Likewise 1898-1972 Was a famous country singer-songwriter.
1945-1955 Jonas Hladovka Jr. 1927-2003 His father was Jonas Hladovka Sr. a writer, he was a poet.
1955-1960 Khalid Al-Nāmūsiya (خالد الناموسية) ?-1965 Was the first Arabic mayor.
1960-1968 Klō Šāð 1938-2007
1968-1974 Kčáfš Dovedenia 1937-2006
1974-1984 Paškolit' Úskalie 1947-now Discovered the Oceana Reef and remained mayor for 10 years.
1984-1990 Šlový Ský 1958-now Son of Sakalír Ský.
1990-1994 John Fromfields 1966-now
1994-1994 Hlan Ský 1964-1994 Died in a car accident. His brother had been mayor too. Son of Sakalír Ský.
1994-1996 John Laid 1968-now
1996-1999 John Ladowkah (Šon Hladovka) 1895-2006 Was older than 100 years when he became mayor.
1999-2001 Sakalír Kelmný 1947-now Would later serve as MOTC.
2001-2003 Karl Uetersen 1974-now
2003-2007 Kčaliť Úskalie 1976-now Decided to renovate the town.
2007-2008 Oos Wes Ilava 1972-now Renovated the town once more. Resigned after the Hurbanova Crisis.
2008-2009 Ben Opať ?-now
2009-2010 Oos Wes Ilava 1972-now Last official mayor.

Ceremonial mayors Edit

Year Name Lifetime Comments
2010-now Oos Wes Ilava 1972-now First ceremonial mayor.
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