The neighborhoods of Noble City have their own symbols, such as seals and flags. This overview includes the symbols and the explanations.

Flags Edit

Neighborhood Flag Comments, symbols
Artista Flag of Artista The Artista flag is an adaptation on the worldwide known rainbow or peace flag.[1] Unlike most flags and seals, the text doesn't feature the neighborhood's name but the word ART, representing the artistic background or a shorter version for Artista.
Bayside Flag of Bayside The Bayside flag contains eight maroon colored vertical stripes and seven carrot orange stripes. On all of the orange stripes a letter of the neighborhood's name is depicted.
Citizen Corner Flag of Citizen Corner The flag of Citizen Corner is a dodger blue field with the Citizen Corner seal in the center. The seal includes four diagonal lines, the neighborhood's name and three white stars.
Downtown Flag of Downtown The Downtown flag has a navy blue field, one of the national colors, the official state and city color and the neighborhood's color. A large simplified version of the DT seal is depicted in the center, featuring the well-known building and the grey border.
Industrial Park Flag of Industrial Park The Industrial Park flag depicts the Beaver River as a diagonal line between the green industries, represented by a green half, and between the outside world open for trade, represented by a white half.
King's Gardens Flag of King's Gardens The King's Garden seal has a navy blue background, bordered by a thin yellow and red box. A very large and dominant white crown is in the flag's center and is bordered by red. The flag is the symbol of the Lovian royal family and their role in the neighborhood.
Little Europe Flag of Little Europe On the flag of Little Europe three white fleurs-de-lis with a red border are depicted, a French symbol and a reference to Europe in general. The field is colored navy blue.
Little Frisco Flag of Little Frisco The Little Frisco flag is a horizontal triband with uneven bands. The central band is colored light blue, the others are green. In the center above the bands, a round natural motive with twelve leafs is depicted, symbolizing the role of the neighborhood in the conservation of and the love for nature.
Long Road Flag of Long Road The flag is a vertical tricolor with even bands; the left in navy, the central in white and the right in dark spring bud green. A small perfect copy of the seal of Long Road is depicted in the center of the flag.
Mandarin Village Flag of Mandarin Village The Mandarin Village flag is colored warm orange and only has one emblem: a white Oriental-looking sun.
New Town Flag of New Town New Town has a flag that is highly similar to its seal, besides the shape. The field is light green and is bordered by various tints of green and white. In darkish green the neighborhood's name and the Italian word benvenuto (English: welcome) are written.
Old Harbor Flag of the Old Harbor The flag of the Noble City neighborhood Old Harbor is bordered by white (inside) and green (outside). The field is navy blue and there are no emblems.
The Mall Flag of The Mall The flag of The Mall is the only Noble City triband flag without supplementary ornaments. The outer bands are navy, the inner one is in yellow. It is said the stripes represent the two NC Axes that run through the neighborhood.
Trading Quarter Flag of the Trading Quarter The Trading Quarter flag is an old design and is a vertical even triband in (from hoist to fly) red, yellow, and navy.
Transcity Flag of Transcity Transcity's flag is a vertical tricolor with even bands. The hoist band is dark blue, the central one is white, and the fly band is in red. In the central band the same wheel as on the Transcity seal is depicted, representing the importance of transportation in the neighborhood.

Seals Edit

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Neighborhood Seal Comments, symbols
Artista Seal of Artista The Artista seal is the only seal in Lovia that features an artwork, L'Église d'Auvers-sur-Oise (English: The Church at Auvers) by Vincent Van Gogh.[2]. The' seal is bordere by red, blue and yellow, and in the center the text Artista, Noble City can be found. This seal is alos unique because it is absolutely not like the neighborhood's flag.
Bayside Seal of Bayside The new Bayside seal, redesigned in 2010, has a maroon field with a beige and maroon border. There is a horizontal carrot orange stripe in the inner part. Above this stripe the name is situated, and underneath the new motto "Semper Progediamur" (Let us always move forward), replacing the former slogan ("Welcome in the Noble City Neighborhood you've always wanted to live in"). Underneath the slightly upwardly bowed motto, a lighthouse is depicted.
Citizen Corner Seal of Citizen Corner The seal of Citizen Corner is a dodger blue field with four diagonal lines from side to side, the neighborhood's name and three white stars.
Downtown Seal of Downtown The Downtown seal has a navy blue field, a thick light grey border and a tiny outer black border: the basis for the Downtown design. A stylized tall building is in the center of the seal and above it the name and the city's name are featured.
Industrial Park Seal of Industrial Park The Industrial Park seal consists of two green borders and a white one in between. The field is steel blue and is divided by a small area of a world map focused on North America, Europe, and northern Asia. Above the world map the name is located, and beneath the text Noble City, Sylvania stands.
King's Gardens Seal of King's Gardens The King's Garden seal has a navy blue background, bordered by yellow and red. A white crown with a red border, the same as on the neighborhood's flag, is in the flag's center. On top the name of the neighborhood is located, and a part of a white circle above is shown too.
Little Europe Seal of Little Europe The LE flag is colored white and bordered by the French tricolor: blue, red, and white. A large light greyish blue fleur-de-lys is depicted in the center, underneath the names of the neighborhood and city. Most of the sylbols refer to France and Europe in general.
Little Frisco Seal of Little Frisco This seal has a green field that is almost entirely filled by a large round digitate leaf with twelve finger-like lobes, in a lighter shade of green and with a green border. The seal is bordered by a light blue border.
Long Road Seal of Long Road The Long Road seal consists of a white field and borderlines in navy blue, the typical LR green, and white. In the field the neighborhood's name is written, with a little Noble City crown above the 'o' in the typical green. Note the names Noble City and Sylvania in the green outer border, which is rare in Lovian seals.
Mandarin Village Seal of Mandarin Village The Mandarin Village seal is colored orange and has two navy blue and one white borders. In the center a light orange sun and the name of the neighborhood and the city are situated.
New Town Seal of New Town The New Town seal is very much like the flag and has a light green field. The seal is bordered by various tints of green and white. In dark green the neighborhood's name and the Italian word benvenuto (English: welcome) are written, just like the flag.
Old Harbor Seal of the Old Harbor The Old Harbor has a navy blue seal with a dark green border and thin black and white lines between them. There is a fading white zone in the center, with the words Old Harbor above it, and Noble City underneath. In the lower part of the field the slogan A paradise for green industries can be found.
The Mall Seal of The Mall The seal of The Mall is colored navy blue with a black border on the outside and a yellow line between the navy border and the navy field. Inside the field there is a golden torch and nineteen stars. In the navt border both the neighborhood's and city's names can be found.
Trading Quarter Seal of the Trading Quarter The Trading Quarter seal consists of a red field with a yellow border, again surrounded by a white and red border. In the upper part of the field the name Trading Quarter is situated, and on the lower part a yellow award ribbon. This doesnot refer to the many meaning yellow ribbons have in the US[3], but it is a reference to the role of education in the Trading Quarter.
Transcity Seal of Transcity The Transcity seal is entirely blue, though not true navy blue like many others. The border is very dark blue, and the inside is a bit lighter and features a wheel, a symbol for the transportation business. In the center a white star is shown, and the text Transcity and Noble City.

References and notes Edit

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