The list of top paintings in Lovia is a list trying to list the most famous artworks in Lovian museums and private collections. These works belong to the Lovian Museum for Modern Art, the Museum of Art or the Royal Art Gallery and were made in the latest centuries.

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This top 5 of most important paintings in Lovian collections is composed May 7, 2008. It consists of 4 European pantings, of which two are made by J.M.W. Turner. There is also a West and a Friedrich. At last there is one American painting in the top 5 list, a Jaspers work from the 20th Century. The list is controversial and highly criticised by Lovian art conoisseurs for the absence of Arthur III's famous artwork Big yellow chicken. In the words of famous painter Luke Graham: "The abcense of Big yellow chicken in the list is a horrible crime to the legacy of one of our most profilic and skilled artists".

Artwork Creator, origin and date Location
Joseph Mallord William Turner
English, 1838
Royal Art Gallery
Magnificence Room
Owner: Dimitri
The wanderer above the sea of fog

2. Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

David Friedrich
German, 1818
Lovian Museum for Modern Art
Turner Hall - Romanticism

3. The Death of General Wolfe

Benjamin West
English-American, 1775
Museum of Art
Quebec Room
Rain, Steam and Speed

4. Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway

Joseph Mallord William Turner
English, 1844
Lovian Museum for Modern Art
Medvedev Hall - J.M.W. Turner
Temporary collection
The map

5. The Map

John Jaspers
American, 1961
Lovian Museum for Modern Art
Wesselman Hall - Pop Art

Other important paintings Edit

Other paintings in Lovia that are regarded as the most important artworks in Lovian collections:

WTurner Fishing Boats

Yuri Medvedev (private collection)

A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountans

Prince Dimitri's private collection

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