The Lokixx Comp.-Center is a building-complex of the concern Lokixx Comp.. The building is situated in Hightech Valley, Clymene.

Building A[edit | edit source]

0. Reception
  1. Main seat; L-Tourism
  2. Main seat; L-Tourism
  3. Main seat; L-Souvenirs
  4. Main seat; L-Souvenirs
  5. Main seat; Olivarbo
  6. Main seat; Olivarbo
  7. Innovation Centre
  8. Innovation Centre

Building B[edit | edit source]

Building B is currently under construction.

0. Reception
  1. Main seat; L-Swimming
  2. Main seat; L-Swimming
  3. Main seat; L-Swimming
  4. Main seat; Technowana
  5. Main seat; Technowana
  6. Main seat; Technowana
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