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The Lokixx Park

Lokixx Park is a minor Lovian park in Hightech Valley, Sofasi. It has a relatively small area, is accessible to the general public, and is often considered of environmental importance.

The park is known to be visited by King Dimitri I of Lovia, Yuri Medvedev, Lars Washington and many other pre-eminent Lovians. The King and then-Prime Minister Medvedev were famous for walking through the part while discussing the government.

History Edit

Lokixx Park 2

Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace

Formerly, the Lokixx Park was only but a vast meadow with some large trees, but with the support of the government, landscaping and maintenance was done in close collaboration with the government. Lars Washington was involved with the creation of the park, claiming that he came up with the original idea.

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