Seal of Long Road

Flag of Long Road

Name Long Road
Hexacode SY-NC-LR
Population 2,218
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Next to Seal of the Trading Quarter Trading Quarter,
Seal of Industrial Park Industrial Park,
Seal of New Town New Town

Long Road is a southern Noble City neighborhood. It's the largest neighborhood by surface and the most agrarian too. It has been renewed in 2008. Long Road is named after the long shape of the neighborhood and the long west oriented road, named Creativity Avenue, crossing it. It's a very attractive neighborhood for young agriculture investors. The Beaver River also runs west and south of the neighbourhood, the proximity to the river means that when the river floods the neighbourhood normally finds itself flooded too.

Places of interest Edit

Some of the most interesting locations in Long Road are:

Neighborhood map Edit

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Oversight Edit

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Nature Residence Residence 1 Administrative Nature Nature 2 Administrative Residence 3 Nature Monument Nature
Horeca[1] Horeca Horeca
Creativity Avenue
Nature Agriculture Agriculture Residence Shop Residence Agriculture Shop Hotel Residence Administrative Residence Administrative
Agriculture Nature Residence Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture
Agriculture Residence Agriculture
Nature Agriculture

Western part: West End Edit

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New Town
Luz Garden
2 Long Road Avenue
6 Long Road Avenue
1 Farmer's Lane
*1 Federal Property
10 Long Road Avenue
Szóhad Commune
12 Long Road Avenue
King's Landmark
8 Long Road Avenue
Creativity Avenue
1 Long Road Avenue
Long Road Olives
3 Long Road Avenue
Contemporary Church of Lovia (CCL)
5 Long Road Avenue
Percival E. Galahad
7 Long Road Avenue
World Market 9 Long Road Avenue David York
11 Long Road Avenue
lemon orchards
The Ranch
3 Farmer's Lane
Sycamore Maple Court
4 Farmer's Lane

date palm orchards
The Ranch
6 Farmer's Lane

  • *1 - Farmer's Lane

Eastern part: East End Edit

Trading Quarter
Long Road Cemetery
14 Long Road Avenue
*2 Arthur Language School
2 Barn Street
1 Theater Street
*3 Strength
Abigail Johnson Theater
24 Long Road Avenue
Walden Home
18 Long Road Avenue
Eagle and Child
20 Long Road Avenue
Creativity Avenue
Plemming Farm
13 Long Road Avenue
Plemming Farm
15 Long Road Avenue
Winfield Inn
17 Long Road Avenue
Szóhad Commune
19 Long Road Avenue
East End Elementary
21 Long Road Avenue
James Kendall
23 Long Road Avenue
25 Long Road Avenue
Szóhad Commune
3 Barn Street
apricot orchards
The Ranch
4 Barn Street
orange orchards
The Ranch
3 Theater Street
Nature for Nature
4 Theater Street
Andy McCandless
5 Barn Street
Szóhad Commune
6 Theater Street
Szóhad Commune
7 Barn Street
Szóhad Commune
8 Theater Street

Almond tree

Blossoming almond trees

  • *2 - Barn Street
  • *3 - Theater Street

References and notes Edit

  1. Popular (Dutch) name for restaurants and cafes.

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