She's back, in black... with looks that kill!
Looks that kill 1956

Looks that Kill is a classic 1956 movie by Transbaum Films. It is a sequel to the popular Red Murder.

Plot Edit

The car from looks that kill
"Svetlana Krasnikova (Florentine Fortesque) is back! In this high-voltage action film, she must battle terrorists and time in order to save the royal family. Joined by Ed Harewood (as the terrorist ringleader) and Scott Tremoyne (as Dolmatoff), this film will have you on the edge of your seat all the time, every time."

In "Looks that Kill", Svetlana now works for the Lovian Secret Service. She is tasked with protecting the royal family after a terrorist group plans on killing them and blowing up the palace. But, when things go wrong and a young prince is kidnapped, she must hunt down the terrorists. With Dolmatoff at the wheel, she gives chase in a what is the most famous car chase in Lovian film history. Through her cunning and her looks, she is able to take down the terrorist, save the prince and prevent catastrophe, of course with a little help from her beau.

Reception Edit

Again Randolph was the director and he was highly praised for his excellent filming and scenes. Florentine's acting was "brilliant" and "incomparable", but most critics felt that Tremoyne's acting did not live up to expectations.

At the box office, it was not nearly as successful as Red Murder but nonetheless did great.

Trivia Edit

  • The car used in the film is a classic Chrysler Ghia concept, turned into a spycar
  • This was the last film with Florentine and Tremoyne together, before their divorce
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