Lost Cosmonauts is a synthpop band composed of three members, two from Noble City, and one from Adoha, Clymene. The band is signed to Warped Records. One of the members also produces techno music under the moniker Infant. Lost Cosmonauts has been compared to the Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. Their lengthy, repetitive pieces are not for everyone, but they found their own niche at Warped Records, and they had a minor chart hits with Basement Eclipses in 2013.

Their latest album, Shockwave Radio, received 9 out of 10 stars in the music magazine Tone Factory and was voted the best album of 2012 by the magazine.

Discography Edit

  • Communication (2010, EP)
  • To Bear on the Same Topic (2011, full-length)
  • Shockwave Radio (2012, EP)
  • The Theft of Joy (2013, full-length)
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