Name loviamarket
Type Subsidiary
Product Supermarket
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovia
Founded March 1997 by Dave Leskromento
Owner(s) Leskromento Industries
Profit $LVD 120,000 (Daily Net Profit)
$LVD 43,800,000 (Yearly Net Profit)

Loviamarket is a supermarket chain found throughout Lovia. There are currently ten stores across the country. It has a customer reward program for it's customers. The chain is owned by the parent company Leskromento Industries. It is currently one of the top three biggest supermarkets in Lovia.

History Edit

LoviaMarket was founded by at-the-time 16 year old Dave Leskromento in 1997 as a young entrepreneur selling his luxury apartment off to start the business. It bought many stores showing intrest from big parent companies. Instead of selling the business, in 2012, Dave Leskromento made his own parent company from his oil fields money and made the supermarket chain part of the parent company.

Finance Edit

LoviaMarket is one of the most popular lovian supermarket chains with a net profit of around LVD $121,000 per day. The store that produces the most net income is the supermarket based on 17 Heritage Avenue, The Mall in Noble City making around $27,000 LVD a day.

Locations Edit

Products Edit

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