The Lovian Sports Competition Association (abbreviated to LSCA), is a Lovian organization of which all Lovian sports clubs can become member, and that organizes several competitions. It was founded by George Matthews and is sponsored by The Ranch, Vineyard Store and Villanova Inc. The current commissioner is Levi Straszev and its official headquarters are located in Hightech Valley, 4 Airplane Avenue. It is currently one of the most profitable Lovian governmental organizations, making nearly twice the amount of money it spends.

Competitions Edit

LSCA Major Soccer League Edit

Arrow right Main article: LSCA Major Soccer League.

LSCA organizes the Major Soccer League, a competition for all Lovian association football clubs.

LSCA Men's Lovian Curling Association Edit

Page: Men's Lovian Curling Association, the men's curling league.

LSCA Women's Lovian Curling Association Edit

Page: Women's Lovian Curling Association, the women's curling league.

LSCA Lacrosse League Edit

Page: LSCA Lacrosse League, a league for lacrosse players.

Tour of Lovia Edit

Page: Tour of Lovia, a one day cycling race taking place each September.

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