Ludwig Krämer Hotel

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward

Name Ludwig Krämer Hotel
Type Hotel
Origin Lovian
Founded 2008 by Lars
Owner(s) Lars Washington (100%)
Headquarters Eppinck Square, Mandarin Village, Lovia
Profit n.a.

The Ludwig Krämer Hotel or the LK Hotel in Mandarin Village, Noble City, is a tribute to Dr. Ludwig Krämer. This hotel is well-known and very popular in Sylvania.

The hotel's motto:

Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward
Fireplace in a room

Fireplace in a room

Vaulted conference rooms

Vaulted conference room

Jazzclub in the hotel

the Jazzclub

Pink decorated wedding cake

Ludwig Krämer Wedding Cake

Art Edit

Lars Washington is an admirer of the restored medieval building just recently transformed into a cosy city hotel with only 20 rooms and its magnificent views on Eppinck Square. He is convinced a bronze sculpture of Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten on the doorsteps of the hotel will attract a lot of visitors.

Location Edit

The hotel is ideally located in the city center with a perfect view on bustling Eppinck Square and only steps away from restaurants, boutiques and public transportation.

Step inside the extravagant entrance hall and one's eye is drawn to the groin vault ceiling.

Each of the hotel's 20 rooms is individually and uniquely decorated. the Ludwig Krämer Hotel is more than an hotel, it is an experience of a refined atmosphere discreetly blending trendy living with byegone eras.

The motto of the hotel "is not a promise, it is reality."

Rooms Edit

  • 18 rooms
  • 2 suites with fireplace

All rooms with fax, telephone and work space.

Rates Edit

  • Royale Suite: $600 to $640, double or single occupancy
  • Standard Room: $340 to $560, double occupancy
  • Standard Room: $280 to $490, single

Two-night minimum stay on weekends June through mid-October.

Full Lovian breakfast included.

Facilities and activities Edit

  • 2 (vaulted) conference rooms
  • full-service spa
  • live Jazz Portland on friday evenings
  • Weddings catered by arrangement
The Ludwig Krämer Wedding Cake made by the Mandarin Village 12trees patisserie is world renowned. Luz Garden supplies the tasteful almonds used for the preparation of the delicious marzipan enriched with the famous Kasarnaba rose water.

Reviews Edit

Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: For excellent food and attention to detail

Awards Edit

MERITE Grand Prix du Mérite, 2007

Sources Edit

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