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The Hotel King Arthur, known as the Majestic Hotel King Arthur is one of the oldest constructions in Bayside, Noble City, dating from 1897. It is one of the most elegant hotels in Lovia, owned and operated by Majestic Hotels.

History Edit

The hotel was originally built by Sir George Coningham as part of his real estate business in Lovia. Construction started in 1897. Although he wanted it finished by New Year's 1900, it took longer than hoped and was actually opened on January 16. The hotel was named after King Arthur I. It was taken over by Majestic Hotels in 2015.

Hotel Edit

The hotel has 101 standard bedrooms and 18 suites. It has 1 royal suite, a 4 bedroom suite where important dignitaries often stay. It has 1 restaurant, the Restaurant Florentine. There are 2 bars, one indoors and one by the pool, a health spa and pool and a games room. Lovia's Berlinger boutique is in the hotel lobby.

Restaurant Florentine Edit

The famous restaurant of the hotel is the Restaurant Florentine, named after famous singer and actress Florentine Fortesque. The restaurant has a piano and stage where musicians come and sing. It serves mostly European food, with some Lovian specialties.

Reviews Edit

Hotel Edit

Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 5 stars: for maximum comfort and excellent customer service.

Restaurant Edit

Exquisite food. The Lovian steak and wine was really great. The setting was a little too formal, and the price was high. But, the food is unrivaled. 3 stars-Cinq Etoiles

Awards Edit

MERITE Grand Prix du Mérite, 2009

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