Mandarin Park

Mandarin Park

Lovia - Linnaea borealis

Linnaea borealis

The Mandarin Park located in the neighborhood of Mandarin Village, Noble City, and is dedicated to the famous Carolus Linnaeus.

Linnaea borealis Edit

During summer, the Linnaea borealis, commonly known as twinflower makes extensive, flowering carpets of the many flowerbeds in Mandarin Park.

This subschrubby perennial it is one of few species to be named after Carolus Linnaeus, the naming having been formally made by Linnaeus' teacher, Jan Frederik Gronovius.

It is said to have been Linnaeus' favourite plant; he took the flower as his own personal symbol when he was raised to the Swedish nobility in 1757.

Of it, Linnaeus said:

Linnaea was named by the celebrated Gronovius and is a plant of Lapland,
lowly, insignificant, disregarded, flowering but for a brief time from Linnaeus, who resembles it.
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