McMarket Supermarkets
Name McMarket Supermarkets
Type subsidiary
Product supermarkets
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded March 31, 2008
Owner(s) Grupo Iper, S.A.

McMarket, in full McMarket Supermarkets, is a Lovian supermarket chain, owned by Grupo Iper and founded by Pierlot McCrooke as Inco. It was owned and managed by the Pierlot Holding, which sold the company to Walker Inc in June 2008. McMarket had planned to open branches in all Lovian places, but it is presently looking to downsize.


Rocket Whispering Cheap Tricks

Rocket Whispering soda

Trafalgar steak

Trafalgar Prepared Steak®

McMarket had been the largest Lovian supermarket and market dominator from 2008 to 2010 (just ahead of Super 5, but new supermarkets have saturated the market and McMarket has lost ground to them. It's multiple locations have generated a loss in income since 2011. Traspes-based Grupo Iper took over the company and plans to reorganizing it, according to president Luis Enrique Serre. McMarket was planned to be fitted in line with their Ipermarkets. In November 2013, a €15 million deal was completed between Shadwell and Iper Group, though for the present there are no plans to rebrand the markets, as the company is looking to continue the tradition and history of McMarket.


Iper chicken breast

McMarket carries products from Lovia and abroad, such as Charleston and Port Company teas, Red Seal Coffee and Trafalgar Steak from Kemburg.

The store brand comes from Iper, which includes food and other products which are usually cheaper than branded products. These include the Iper Value (cheap), Iper Bueno (healthy) and Iper Gold medal for more upscale or exotic foodstuff.


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In Seal of Sofasi Sofasi:

  • at 8 China Avenue, Downtown

In Seal of Adoha Adoha, Sofasi:


In Seal of Newhaven Newhaven:

  • at 3 Federation Square, Malipa

In Seal of Portland Portland:


In Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova:


In Seal of Noble City Noble City:

In Seal of Train Village Train Village:

  • at 6 Sunset Avenue
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