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The central bookstore at Sycamore Drive

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Name Mithrăndir’s
Type bookstore and a publishing house
Founded 1988
Owner(s) George Mithrăndir
Headquarters 10 Sycamore Drive, Seal of Artista Artista,
Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania

Mithrăndir’s is a Lovian bookstore chain and a publishing house owned by professor George Mithrăndir.

The central store is located at 10 Sycamore Drive in Noble City, but other stores also exist in Little Europe (2A Flower Avenue, across the Lovian Museum for Modern Art), in the Noble City’s Mall (8 Prague Avenue), and on the third floor of the Tower Mall next to Pierlot Pizza, at the Noble City’s Downtown. A Mithrăndir’s store is also opened in the town of Sofasi (at 9 China Avenue), close to the town’s Beijing Park. There is a store opened in the Plains Mall as well.

The Mithrăndir’s Catalogue of Nouveau Lovian Literature is published annually by the end of the year, and includes literary critical comments on works of Lovian authors written and compiled by professor Mithrăndir, as well as essays on contemporary Lovian literature. The magazine also often pronounces the winner of the year of the Mithrăndir’s Catalogue Prize for literature and the Mithrăndir’s House organizes a cultural promotion of the awarded book at the Sycamore Drive place.

Another magazine that is published by George Mithrăndir at the Mithrăndir’s House is the Literary Liberal (LL), which deals with both literature and the politics and philosophy in Lovia and Noble City, and its views usually resemble those of the Lovian Liberal Party.

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