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Welcome to Moe's, Lovia's best tavern! You can take a seat next to the fire place and drink some fine imported beers. Enjoy!

Drinks Edit

  • Guinness Beer (small/medium/large)
  • Guinness Beer Special
  • Hertog Jan (Dutch beer, very good!)
  • Heineken (also Dutch)
  • Stella Artois (best Belgian beer)
  • Leffe (2nd best Belgian beer)
  • Hoegaarden (white beer from Belgium)
  • Rum-Cola
  • Water

Talk Edit

Sometimes you go into a tavern for the first time and everything just feels right. Moe's tavern is like that. The olde english sytle building has always been a tavern.

Games Edit

Does anyone know a funny game? Dimitri 11:59, 29 September 2007 (UTC)

Reviews Edit

Claims to be "Lovia's best tavern", something I would have to disagree with. Good beer choice, but it is not a great pub, considering the bland atmosphere of the place. 2 stars-Cinq Etoiles

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