Numerous orange orchards have eagerly picked up the naranja expression as a form of publicity

"Naranja" is a Lovian English word and expression that was once considered quintessential for Lovian culture in general. Its primary meaning is one of approbation and felicitating. Over the years, several other interpretations and usages have arisen. Its origin is the Spanish word for both the color orange and the fruit. Due to its extreme takavikiness, it has mostly fallen out of use since 2011.

History Edit


The popular juice brand 'Naranjuice' named itself in reference to this term.

The word was first used in 2007 by King Dimitri to congratulate Yuri Medvedev and the Lovian Museum for Modern Art[1]. Why the word "naranja" was used, is unclear. It is suspected that it may refer to Medvedev's favorite color, orange. Ever since then many prominent Lovians, most notably Lars Washington, have been proud users of the word and expression. In recent years, media have adopted the naranja terminology as well.

Starting in 2011, the word began to fall out of use. Though still used occasionally, most of the public now considers it to be nonsensical and "worth throwing into the dustbin of history", and that the Spanish word for orange has no place becoming a pointless interjection. It has been declared "mykefötakavíhki" by the Burenian government, causing many in Lovia to rejoice.

Forms and meanings Edit

Interjection: naranja Edit

Its first and oldest usage, the interjective "naranja" was very popular in the years 2007 and 2008. Even in 2010, the usage as an interjection is the best known and most popular. In 2015 it is considered dated, and used by no-one.

  1. Expressing approbation; an exclamation of praise or endorsement of an achievement.
    Have a great time and I wish you the best of luck for 2010! Naranja![2]
  2. Used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent.
    Isn't that wonderful? Naranja![3]
  3. Used to indicate support, favor or encouragement.
    Lovia is the friendliest place in town. Naranja![4]

The first meaning is synonymous to "congratulations", the second and third are synonymous to the use of "all right" in the usages expressed in these examples: 2) All right, let's go then, 3a) All right! They scored! and 3b) Synonym to "Woohoo".

Noun: naranja Edit

naranja (plural naranjas)
  1. The act of congratulating; doing the naranja.
    Prince Sebastian was "outrageously happy" and received naranjas from many Lovians.[5]

Verb: do the naranja Edit

to do the naranja
  1. (ideomatic) To congratulate; to shout a cheer or cheers, most specifically using the interjection "naranja".

Verb: give a naranja Edit

to give a naranja (third-person singular simple present gives a naranja, present participle giving a naranja, simple past and past participle gave a naranja)
  1. To be concerned about, have an interest in, to care about.
    I don't give a naranja.[6]

The expression "give a naranja" is synonymous to "give a damn". The expression is generally used in a negative sense: "not to give a naranja". The first written case appeared in The Noble City Times in November 2009[6], as a public poll option, and was quoted later in La Quotidienne as "quote of the week".

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