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National Archives

The well-known National Archives building in Downtown NC

The National Archives are the archives of the Congress and other governmental institutions, such as the chambers, the Prime Minister or the Supreme Court. The National Archives are situated in Downtown Noble City, close to the Capitol. The National Archives building is a must see for tourist and is a loved building by architectural interested people, in the fine neogrec style.

Archives Edit

Seal of the Congress First and Second Chamber Edit

All the discussions, comments and adjustments from the First Chamber are saved in here, as well as the votes and further comments on proposals from the Second Chamber. They are sorted by proposal, and not by chamber.

Arrow right Main article: National Archives/Chambers.

Royal Standard The King's Formal Talks Edit

The most important and formal talks with His Majesty King Sebastian I and with the preceding monarchs are saved in the National Archives. Most of these are invitation, proposals for Royal Warrants and other formal questions.

Arrow right Main article: National Archives/King's formal talk.

Royal Standard The Royal Office Edit

The ruling monarch meets his Prime Minister, political advisors and allies in his Royal Office at Palati Daidalo.

Arrow right Main article: National Archives/The Royal Office.

Seal of the Federal Police Police Records Edit

All police records from the Federal Police and Local Police authorities are archived at the National Archives, including former cases and personal records.

Arrow right Main article: National Archives/Police Records.

National Congressperson Order Edit

All the orders of Congress, containing MOTCs, their controllers, their political parties, and the leaders of various political parties.

Arrow right Main article: National Archives/NCO.

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