The National Monument Service (abbreviated NMS) is a Lovian federal governmental institution under the Ministry of Culture. It is founded under the National Parks and Monuments Act in the Federal Law. The Service manages all National Monuments in Lovia. The governance of the organisation falls directly under the Minister of Culture. Currently there are already thirty-three recognised monuments, under which the Great Royal Palace. It is part of the IWO Heritage group.

Distinctive Emblem for cultural, physical and natural heritage

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Seal of Ferguson Beach
Ferguson Beach Village/ Adoha

  • Drenthe Castle: The only medieval castle, as well as the oldest building in Lovia
  • Ferguson Place: the town square in Ferg Beach, site of the famous antiques market

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  • The Kinley Town Hall: A building that is appreciated by the inhabitants of Kinley.
  • The Seven Court House: Kinley's most recognizable monument of historic and architectural value.

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