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The National Park Service, abbreviated NPS, is a Lovian federal governmental institution under the Ministry of Environment (formerly the Department of Energy and Environment). It is founded under the National Parks and Monuments Act in the Federal Law. The Service manages all National Parks, in order to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. The NPS is directly run by the department.

All states with the sole exception of Clymene have at least one National Park. The state which has most National Parks is Oceana, which has three, including the only aquatic National Park, Oceana Reef National Park, and the only National Park which is situated in two states, Emerald Highlands National Park (shared with Sylvania). The NPS works closely with local authorities, such as the Oceana State Department of Environmental Affairs.

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National Parks

This text is literally taken from the Federal Law, Article 2:
  • National Parks are natural or geological areas, usually, but not always declared and owned by the federal government, protected from most human development and pollution. A National Park can simply be designated after a request from the Service and after the owner's acceptance.
  • A National Park is controlled, managed and protected by the National Park Service. The Chairman of the NPS is chosen by the Secretary of Energy and Environment. Park rangers are people charged with protecting and preserving the National Parks. Every person working in a National Park (except for strictly commercial goals) is a park ranger.

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Picture National Park Date of creation Description
Bird NP Map 1 Bird National Park May 4, 2008 Bird Island, entirely protected as a National Park, is famous for being a bird breeding ground. There are hiking trails that allow visitors to see a great variety of bird populations.
Mellon Wetlands 2 Mellon Wetlands
National Park
March 9, 2010 A natural swamp environment covering the whole of Libertan Island in the State of Seven. The Mellon Wetlands are very well preserved and are subject to minimal human intervention.
OceanaReef Oceana Reef National Park June 14, 2010 The first National Park not on land, the Oceana Reef is an important reef in the Pacific Ocean south of Oceana. Group diving sessions are a good way to discover the coral wildlife.
Emerald Highlands
National Park
November 8, 2010 The Emerald Highlands are Lovia's largest unspoilt natural area, and certainly one of the most magnificent. With its steep and wild mountainous landscapes, the Emerald National Park is a unique feature in Lovia. The newly created National Park is the first to cover areas of two states. The creation of this park required great infrastructural works. The EHNP aims to preserve the wide range of animal and plant wildlife, as well as provide durable tourist facilities.
Kings-mt Abby Highlands National Park May 8, 2011 The Abby Highlands is largest and highest national park in Lovia (it comprises all of Kings' Peak). It is very unspoiled and has a rocky mountainous landscape. There are limited tourist facilities to the Abby Highlands National Park, as it one of the newer national parks.
Frisco-seashore-np Frisco Seashore National Park July 23, 2011
Stephen Headland National Park September 12, 2011

Regulations Edit

This text is literally taken from the Federal Law, Article 2:

  • National Park rules are set up by the NPS itself or the parks can use their own and more often relevant rules.
  • Park rangers can arrest people in case of serious violations for less than 10 hours. The police can take over if the violation needs to be punished or trialled.

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