Seal of New Town

Flag of New Town

Name New Town
Population 3,426
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania (Peace Island)
Next to Seal of Artista Artista, Seal of the Trading Quarter Trading Quarter,
Seal of Long Road Long Road
Nicknames "Italian square"
Saint(s) Saint Modesta

New Town is a Noble City neighborhood in the northwest of the city. It's Noble City is most recently constructed neighborhood, built in 2008. The neighborhood is known as being very European, and it is becoming known as an area for embassies. In the center of the neighborhood lies the Central Plaza. The patron saint of New Town is St. Modesta.

History Edit

Old town was previously mainly inhabited by Italian and Sanmariessian Lovians. The town is rich in the history and variuos arts. The town also holds to the Italian Soccer club called Azzuri FC which the town holds great pride in. The family Torres is lives in New Town. James Torres, Julio Torres, Renata Danzoni, Mario Torres, Christina Acami and much of the family lives here.

On May 24 2012, a bombing in New Town by Barzona Libre in front of Clermont House, resulting in two injured. The Clermont House is the current place were the embassy of Brunant is located.

Neighborhood mapEdit

Seal of Artista Artista
1 Cavour Avenue
Post Office
1 Plaza Street
*1 Julianan Embassy
2 Plaza Street
Beach Gardens
1 Shopping Street
*2 Motori V. Stracuzza
9 Cavour Avenue
Place Concorde
11 Cavour Avenue
Lily Leukens
3 Cavour Avenue
Enrico Pollini
5 Cavour Avenue
7 Cavour Avenue
Technology Avenue

Brunanter Embassy
Brunants Ambassade
2 Cavour Avenue
4 Cavour Avenue
The Dale
4 Plaza Avenue
Free Society
3 Shopping Street
8 Cavour Avenue
Italia Stadia of Lovia
Stadium of the Azzuri FC
10A Cavour Avenue
Leonardo Arezzo
3 Plaza Street
Notioli Building
5 Shopping Street
Pierlot Pizza
2 Shopping Street
Baldwin Coffees
1 Southern Avenue
2 Southern Avenue
UPC New Town
3 Southern Avenue
Matthew McComb
5 Southern Avenue
Jose Olé
7 Southern Avenue
9 Southern Avenue
Diligence Avenue
Long Walk Memorial
4 Southern Avenue
Yorkshire Park
6 Southern Avenue
Dos Robles (James Torres)
8 Southern Avenue
New Town Retirement Home
10 Southern Avenue
Traspesian Embassy
4 Shopping Street
Seal of Long Road Long Road (West End)

  • *1 - Plaza Street
  • *2 - Shopping Street

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