Seal of Newhaven

Flag of Newhaven

Name Newhaven
Hexacode KI-NH-01
Population 40,022[1]
Language(s) English
Location Kings Island (Kings)
Nicknames The Port

Newhaven is a Lovian city in the State of Kings, and is the capital of Kings. It lies on the riverbanks of the Abby River, near the mouth and the coast of Kings, and is a car ferry port for services across Lovia. There are six neighborhoods: Newhaven (downtown), Abby Springs, Malipa, Pines, the Old Port and East River. The huge Newhaven port is located in the new city of Newhaven. The new city was developed in 1960 together with Abby Springs because the older neighborhoods had become densely populated.

While the commercial and industrial communities of Newhaven have declined, the town has been granted quite extensive rejuvenating programs for several years, to varying degrees of success. These have included a huge increase in properties built in the town over the past decade or so. Recent developments have resulted into increased economical activities in the area. Newhaven is a member of the Historic Towns Association. On April 27, 2008, the town of Newhaven officially became a city, as a result of the Town and City Act.

Seals of Newhaven Edit

Seal of Newhaven Seal of Abby Springs Seal of Malipa Seal of Old Port Seal of Pines

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Ocean Seal of Newhaven Downtown
Seal of Abby Springs Abby Springs
Seal of East River East River
The Abby
Seal of Pines Pines
Seal of Old Port Old Port
Seal of Malipa Malipa


██ Mostly residential

██ Mostly commercial

██ Mostly industrial

██ Mostly administrative

██ Mostly natural/agricultural

Pines Edit

Lovia - Newhaven - 450px-Abies amabilis 26395

Abies Amabilis


Newhaven is famous for its very special pine tree, the Abies Amabilis,[3] the Latin for Pacific silver fir. A very appropriate literal translation could be: friendly pine. The spirally arranged leaves are needle-like, flattended, usually soft and often have silvery bands beneath. The tree bears erect cones that ripen in their first autumn to release seeds and scales. The foliage has an attractive scent, and is sometimes used for Christmas decoration, including Christmas trees.

Having this very special feeling towards nature, locals take pride to not cut the trees just for the sake of decorating them indoors. Instead, they enlight the pines at night with thousands of candles they dress under the tall trees. The result is overwhelming and people from all over the world come and join this very special Christmas atmosphere in Lovia.

Harbor Edit

It has been a harbor eversince the 19th century, when the Abby river used to flow through Kings. Unfortunately, the flow of the river stopped when there was a tempest in the early 20th century. As a solution to this problem, engineers performed the cut at what was now known as Old Port. They managed to cut a channel down to what is now Newhaven. This meant that Newhaven then prospered as a harbor town. The harbor became very useful, as it was the fastest way to reach Clymene and other nearby states.

References and notes Edit

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