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Newhaven Airport (IATA: NWV ICAO: PLNE) is a Lovian airport near Newhaven and the main airport serving Kings. Opened in 1988, the airport has grown to be the second aviation center of Lovia. The airport is one of the primary airports and maintenance bases for Air Lovia. The Newhaven - Noble City air route, known as the "air bridge" in Lovia, is the busiest in the country by number of flights.

In 2014, the airport underwent major renovations, which included the expansion of the terminal building and the construction of a multi-story car park at the terminal. As of July 2014, these renovations are almost complete, and are expected to end in the autumn. The expansion to the terminal building was carried out to allow more routes to operate from the airport, and for it to become a major hub in the infrastructure of Lovia. In addition to these upgrades, new routes to the airport are expected to be announced before the end of 2014.

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