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The Newhaven City Hall in Malipa

This is the City Hall of Newhaven. The mayor formerly governed the city from the building.

The original Town Hall was built in the center of Newhaven. After the Federation Square-project, a new hall was built in Malipa. This is an attempt to make Malipa the new political hotspot of Kings. In order to that attempt, the State Court was also moved. The new Town Hall became the City Hall after the signing of the Town and City Act.

Design and construction Edit

When the Newhaven government moved to Malipa, it occupied a modest two-story building. This early City Hall held chambers to relieve the cramped town center with an additional small Town Hall wich became ineffective. It soon became apparent that the new hall is a large, more aesthetically appealing facility.

When the cornerstone was laid, the City Hall was still without a final design. Consultation with a group of Lovian architects resulted in a composite design that merged some key features like Doric columns much alike the Altes Museum in Berlin.

Work on the building's foundation and lower level had only just begun when the City Hall project encountered the first of many difficult setbacks. The legislation that made Newhaven an official city was set to expire. While various factions within the government engaged in debate over relocating the capitol to Abby Springs, construction of the City Hall came to a halt. The City Hall remained in this state for a few months. When the crisis was over the construction had resumed.

During the final stages of the construction, the cities mayor Yuri Medvedev oversaw the completion of the building's interior and coordinated work on the distinctive rotunda and its enclosing cupola. One of the building's most distinctive exterior features is the low, conical roof atop the cupola, positioned where most viewers expect to see a dome. In the long span between beginning construction and its completion, the finished design changed many times and various proposals included a round dome atop the building. Yuri Medvedev, in deciding not to use a dome, was actually reverting to a totaly different design scheme. In the end, the building featured a low conical roof that some critics would deride as "a Chinese hat."

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