Railway station
Newhaven Main RS Sign.png

Abby Springs Railway Station main entrance.

Name Newhaven Main Railway Station
Location Seal of Newhaven.png Newhaven, Seal of Kings.png Kings (KI-NH-NH)
Line(s) Seal of the Grand Interstate Railway.png Grand Interstate Railway
Platforms 7
Tracks 2
Owner Congress
Administration Department of Transportation

The Newhaven Main Railway Station is a Lovian train station in Newhaven, Kings.

Today the Newhaven Main Station has 7 terminal platforms, numbered 1 to 7 from west to east. Platforms 1 to 4 are located below the original three spans of a 1954 train shed. platforms 2 to 7 are located beneath the later fourth span. Platforms 6 and 7 are dedicated to the Newhaven Express. Platform 5 can only be used by the 2 or 3 car turbo trains used on local services. All the other platforms can be used by any of the station's train services. However in normal usage the tendency is for long distance trains to use the western platforms, and local trains the eastern ones.

The area between the back of the Lovian Museum for Modern Art and the station concourse is traditionally called 'the lane'. It was originally unroofed and occupied by sidings, but was later built up to form part of the station's first pedestrian concourse. The lane has recently been re-roofed and separated from the concourse by a glass screen wall.

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Free information on railways operated by the Pacific Railroad Company and a railroad map: click here.

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