Seal of Orkan

Flag of Orkan

Name Nicholasville
Hexacode SY-TV-NI / NI
Population 2,196
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Train Village Train Village,
Seal of Sylvania Sylvania (Peace Island)
Next to Seal of Train Village Train Village (downtown)
Nicknames Unknown
Saint(s) Saint Nicholas

Nicholasville is a mostly agrarian Lovian neighborhood of Train Village, Sylvania. It is a quiet place surrounded by great nature and lots of fields.

History Edit

Orkan Cornfield

Cornfield in Nicholasville


Lovian oranges from Nicholasville (The Ranch)

Until the sixties, Nicholasville was originally an agrarian region neighboring Train Village. However, the Highland Mines were closed and Train Village was obliged to find other sources of income. But it was not a chosen moment, as a famine was occuring in Lovia and many people had already fled to the city. The town of Train Village impoverished even more, until the hungry population decided to start farming in this fertile region. Many farms were built east and north of Train Village, in the current Nicholasville.

In the sixties, Train Village got the chance to flourish. Nicholasville, containing a part of all these farms, was being incorporated and after that the Town Hall decided to open the Nicholasville Market, where farmers can sell their products. Although a significant part of the TV'ers found a job in the tertiary sector of the economy, Nicholasville remained an agrarian region.

Agriculture Edit

Nicholasville has become a future focused area to the Lovian government. Intensive brainstorming with all parties involved resulted in an adventurous blooming organic agriculture in this newly developed Lovian countryside. Worldwide, oil shortages being one of several factors making organic agriculture and other sustainable farming methods challenging, Lovian farmers have begun raising crops such as corn for non-food use to help mitigate peak oil.

Neighborhood map Edit

King Arthur II College
Occident Avenue 9
Pologne Forest Olivarbo
Occident Avenue 15
Occident Avenue 19
*4 Pologne Forest
Jessica Willough
Occident Avenue 11
Lovian Labour Center
Occident Avenue 13
Occident Avenue 17
Hurricane Avenue
Jake Mezatir
Occident Avenue 8
*3 Mayer Park *2 The Ranch
Occident Avenue 10
Noble Alley 3
Storm Alley Nature for Nature
Orient Avenue 7
The Ranch
Orient Avenue 9
Dale's Donuts
Noble Alley 6
Federal Property
Orient Avenue 1
TV orchards
Lemon Orchard
Orient Avenue 3
TV orchards
Apricot Orchard
Orient Avenue 5
Dean Avenue
Aronsson Financial Group
Market Street 1
Nicholasville Market
Orient Avenue 2
TV orchards
Apple Orchard
Orient Avenue 4
Pologne Forest
Kings Road 5
Haiti Road

  • *3 - Katrina Street
  • *4 - New Orleans Street

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