Nicomedia IV: The Clan of Troy 2199-2230 is a Lovian alternative history fiction novel by Percival E. Galahad. It narrates the history of the Empire of Nicomedia from 2199 onwards, to 2230. The Clan of Troy is the fourth novel of the Nicomedia series and was published in 2006.

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When Empress Mary had survived a murder attempt in 2199, and she had abdicated, and moved away with all of her children, a battle for power broke loose in Nicomedia. A powerful clan, the Clan of Troy that had previously tried to assassinate Mary, was trying hard to get to the throne. In December 2199, the Trojans claimed the throne, after having assassinated all remaining Nicomedians, including the fleed children of Mary. The House of Troy put its first emperor, Wilusa the Trojan, on the throne. He was a dictatorial emperor, who got famously paranoid near the end of his life. Wilusa was murdered by his nephew, Muwatalli, who succeeded him to the imperial throne. Muwatalli made the Eastern Orthodox Church, whose influence was fading in Europe, the state religion in the first year of his reign, 2209. Muwatalli fought a series of battles with the North-African Union, mostly over water in the Middle East. Having lost the last of these battles, Muwatalli was abdicated, and the Empire lost land in present-day Syria. 2223 is known as the year of the six emperors. First, Muwatalli's son Michael acceded the throne. He was assassinated three days after, and then succeeded by his brother Andronikos. Andronikos died under suspicious circumstances, most likely poisoned by his mistress Andrene. In April, Adronikos' sister Helena inherited the throne. She reigned for five months, and brought economic stability to the Empire, but was killed in August 2223. Helena's husband then became emperor, but he was forced to abdicate the very same day, by the military. Finally, Andrene's daughter Eirene was made Empress. She was an overt lesbian and rather loved among her subjects. In 2226, she died of cancer. The last of the Trojans, Ioannes of Troy reigned until 2232.

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