Nikolai Koshkov Identity
Nikolai Koshkov
Name Nikolai Koshkov
Sex Male Male
Born September 1st, 1987, Flag of Lovia Small Novosevensk
Spouse Natalia Danina
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Mechanic, rioter
Languages Russian, Old Church Slavonic, English, Tlingit
Russian Orthodoxy

Nikolai Koshkov is an inhabitant of Novosevensk and, together with I. G. La Blaca, the leader of the Northern Lovian riots. He belongs to the Russian Orthodox faction, and is known for his religiosity.

Life Edit

He was born in Novosevensk, son of two Novosevenskians of White Russian background. Orthodox morals were instilled in him since birth and he grew up proud of his background. He was trained as a mechanic. His father went insane when he was a teenager, forcing all the Koshkovs to adopt the lifestyle of the Tlingit people. After two years, Nikolai ran away from home and travelled in the CIS, before returning to Lovia.

Koshkov was apprehended for his role in the Lovian Civil War (he was a consul of the RLT) and was incarcerated. However, he was later released during a truce and resumed fighting, but was eventually deposed by his fellow consul I. G. La Blaca and forced to flee abroad. He disappeared without leaving a trail. As most rebel commanders were captured or killed and La Blaca's days were numbered, Koshkov remained lost. Some rebels felt betrayed by his departure, yet among others the young rebel commander became somewhat of a cult figure. The police force, UNLOR soldiers and the secret service set up a massive manhunt to find Koshkov, so far without success.

However, Il Duce Octavian eventually announced his arrival on the City Archipelago. Il Duce claimed Nikolai Koshkov was willing to fight alongside Oslobodenian forces, and gave him the post of leadership of Oslobodenia, the Empire's military forces. However, this was never confirmed by an appearance of Koshkov himself, and as he was never found after the UNLOR takeover of Oceana, many were sceptical of his alleged role in the Oceana war.

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