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Name Nikolay Medvedev
Full name Nikolay Medvedev
Sex Male.png Male
Born 1923, Flag of Russia.png Moscow
Deceased 1997, Noble City
Home Seal of Noble City.png Noble City
Functions mathematician, statistician, economist
Languages English, Russian

Nikolay Medvedev was a Russian-Lovian mathematician, statistician and economist. He was born in 1923 in Moscow, and moved to Lovia in 1944. He pursued an academic career, and also started his own company, which would become well known later on as Veprom. In 1948, when Nikolay was 25, he met the biologist Elisabeth Blackburn. Two years later they got married and in 1950 they had a son, Mikhail Medvedev. When his wife died in 1987, Nikolay got more and more isolated from his family, and especially his son.

University studies[edit | edit source]

He studied mathematics at the University of Moscow, but his studies were cut short when he joined the army to fight in the Second World War. In 1944 he was captured and transported to a prisoner of war camp in Germany. At the end of the war, he managed to avoid repatriation to the Soviet Union and settled briefly in the Netherlands, before moving on to Libertas. In 1947 he managed to obtain sponsorship to begin postgraduate study at the Nobel University, despite the fact he had not completed an undergraduate degree, so relocated again to Lovia. During this time, where his interests turned towards statistics and economics. He received a Ph.D. degree in 1958, for a thesis on latent cyclical components in time series. In 1970, Nikolay Medvedev became Professor of Statistics. His work contributed significantly to bioeconomics and to ecological economics.

Selected Works[edit | edit source]

  • Medvedev, N. (1962), Energy and Economic Myths: Institutional and Analytical Economic Essays.
  • Medvedev, N. (1978), The Entropy Law and the Economic Process.

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