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The Noble City Government was the local government of Lovia's capital Noble City. The entire city was governed by the Mayor of Noble City, with the assistance of neighborhood chairmen. The Noble City Government was based in the Noble City Hall, the City Hall in Downtown.

Local governments were abolished as part of the 2010 State Reform. Local government now falls under the states.

Noble City Mayor Edit

The last Noble City Mayor was the then King Dimitri I of Lovia, who held this office since the death of the former King, King Arthur III. King Dimitri reformed Noble City in many ways, by building new neighborhoods, renovating and extending the transportation network and putting the city on the international map by making it a center of arts, politics and social life.

List of Mayors of Noble City Edit

As mayor is a free function, no determined terms or elections are held for the government of Noble City. Everyone can become mayor unless the people do not support the candidate and will propose another one. This is the full list of Noble City mayors, as registered by the Noble City Government:

Begin term End term Mayor Origin Life time Comments
1872 1872 King Arthur I Belgian-American 1849-1887 Founded Lovia and Noble City
1872 1873 Stephen Robinson American 1852-1890 Replaced King Arthur I when he left for San Francisco
1873 1875 King Arthur I Belgian-American 1849-1887 Second term
1875 1876 Stephen Robinson American 1852-1890 Replaced King Arthur I when he left for San Francisco, second term
1876 1887 King Arthur I Belgian-American 1849-1887 Third term
1887 1899 King Arthur II Lovian 1877-1938 Left office in 1899 for personal reasons
1900 1905 Bruce Kennedy Lovian 1855-1943 He was a popular Sofasi citizen who moved to Noble City and became here as well popular with much ease
1905 1916 King Arthur II Lovian 1877-1938 Second term, left office to ensure democracy
1916 1921 Christopher V. Donaldson Lovian 1860-1923 He fell ill at the end of his term
1921 1923 Alfred Donaldson Lovian 1862-1951 Christopher V. Donaldson's brother, left office for personal reasons
1923 1928 King Arthur II Lovian 1877-1938 Third term, returned after the Lovians insisted on his return, left office once more to ensure democracy
1928 1936 George de la Ferme French-American 1880-1945 Popular mayor, left Lovia in 1936
1936 1938 Princess Lucy Lovian 1904-1953 First female mayor
1938 1953 Queen Lucy I Lovian 1904-1953 Longest term ever at that time
1953 1955 King Lucas I Lovian 1912-1985 Deposed as a result of the famines
1955 1956 nobody As a result of the famines. Nobody officially was mayor of Noble City during this period, though some business and statesmen governed the area unofficially. One of them was Bartholomeus Orwell, who would later become the official mayor after killing his main contestant for the function of mayor of Noble City.
1956 1956 Bartholomeus Orwell Lovian 1911-1980 Deposed as a result of the famines
1956 1980 King Arthur III Lovian 1913-2007 Longest term ever
1980 1986 George Smith IV Lovian 1925-1997 Great-grandson of Founding Father George Smith
1986 2007 King Arthur III Lovian 1913-2007 Second term
2007 2010 King Dimitri I Lovian born 1991 Local governments abolished August 29, 2010

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