The Northern Lovian Party was a former Lovian political party active in Clymene and Seven between 2000 and 2009. It was a traditional classical liberal party, with conservative fiscal policies and centrist social and ethical policies, combined with policies supporting the development of the North of Lovia. During its history, it delivered one Governor, Jared Buchanan, in Seven, and MOTCs in every congress from 2003 to 2008. In 2008 it underwent a significant policy change, moving to the right and attempting to lose the regionalist image, which caused it to lose a lot of support. In 2010, Harold Freeman joined the party and reformed it into the Liberal Union.


John Bass

John Bass.

The party was founded in 1999 in Sofasi by John Bass, a local German-lawyer. He did this to open up and promote a free market in Lovia. The party achieved its first success in 2000 with the election of Jared Buchanan as Governor of Seven, and soon became even bigger, growing to a membership of more than one hundred in 2002. Bass and Buchanan were both elected as MOTCs for the NLP in the 2003 Congress. After Buchanan declined to run again the next year, Bass was reëlected as the only 2004 NLP MOTC. He too stood down and was replaced in 2005 by the new party leader Simon Beck. Beck remained in Congress for three terms, from 2005 to 2007. After an attempt to obtain status as a national party, it failed to score in the next elections of 2008 and lost all of its representatives.

In 2010, after the collapse of the Liberal Democrats, the right wing of Lovian politics was defeated. Only the Conservative Christians held foot. It was then that Harold Freeman decided to unite the weakened liberal forces in the Liberal Union. He used an updated content of the Liberal Democrat's party program but choose to expand the ruined NLP rather than to re-found his old one.

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